Reminder—The Areas of Focus and Tasks for Each Day are in Monday’s blog.

It isn’t enough to declutter, organize and clean once. Dust invades, sun fades, and children play. Lovely areas don’t stay lovely. Every area needs to be refreshed regularly. The décor on my Front Porch was not as fresh as it was the day I put it together. Today I grabbed some of the pillows, and the tablecloth and tossed them in the washer and dryer. I refreshed my front porch. IMG_0011

I also took a few minutes to polish the Front Door using Pledge. Pledge Furniture Polish cleaned and refreshed the color of the door. Any furniture wax will do the trick.

The mums are beginning to look a little tired but are still a nice pop of color from the street. In a week or so, we will transplant them in the flower bed.

Once you have arranged things on any surfaces, it is hard to take it apart. You may feel that you may not be able to duplicate the arrangement and it won’t look as well as it originally looked.

  • Take a picture.
  • Take it apart.
  • Dust or polish the surface.
    • A paintbrush is handy to get the dust off out of the cracks and crevices.
    • A hair dryer on a cool setting is also useful for taking dust out of small areas and  off silk flowers.
    • Use the picture as an aid in replacing the items.

imageDon’t let the vignettes you create throughout your home become dusty, faded, and tired. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.




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