Laundry Area
Laundry Area

When I was talking with a friend yesterday, I discovered that one of her challenges was laundry. Strangely enough, this morning I was looking at a plan that included a load of laundry a day 5 days a week. Add a load of sheets from one bedroom a day and for most of us the laundry would be moving in the right direction.

I found a good idea for women dealing with more laundry than I have. 

Great ideas but she uses expressive language (salty), so be forewarned :

Monday              Wash whites

Tuesday             Wash darks

Wednesday       Wash towels

Thursday           Wash bathmats and towels

Friday                Wash baby clothes

Any plan we decide to use should be adapted to our family’s needs. Where will the individual loads of laundry live while waiting for their day? A hamper/ laundry baskets in a closet or the laundry room? How can you implement this plan and keep your home orderly?

IMG_0453I focus on an area for seven days each month:

Week One (Days One to Seven): Living Room, Family Room, and Den

Week Two (Days Eight to Fourteen): Kitchen

Week Three (Days Fifteen to Twenty-One): Master Bedroom and Closet while while supervising (and assisting as needed) the children in their rooms

Week Four (Days Twenty-Two to Twenty-Eight): Front Porch/Entry/ Dining Room

Week Five (Day Twenty-Nine to End of Month): Bathrooms

Miscellaneous Rooms can be assigned to weeks with available time. Office with Living Room; Back Deck with front porch and entry; Laundry on the same days as the bathrooms. I have confidence in your ability to make good use of your time.

You could also use a weekly zone plan:

Monday       —  Bathrooms

Tuesday—         Front Porch, Entry and Errands

Wednesday—   Kitchen

Thursday       Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room

Friday            —Master Bedroom and Closet

Saturday        —Family Projects and Fun Day

Sunday—           Worship, Rest, and Plan

IMG_0001Gently inspect one child’s room each day. Give directions and encouragement, not criticism. Weekly inspections keep full blown disaster areas from developing. Insist beds be made daily.

Give the tasks in your life a place to live in your schedule and remember that work expands to fill the amount of time allotted for it. Get your work done first and quickly and then enjoy time with family and friends.


Mary P


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