This is a question from one of our members. I really appreciate her prayer request and encouragement so much.

First of all, 1 Corinthians 13– Love is patient and kind means love remains kind when it is being patient. This is a hard area and I frequently have to pray “Lord, please let my words be seasoned by kindness because I may have to eat them.” I don’t always succeed in being what I want to be in my actions and words but I try not to let that be an excuse for not trying.

My very tired sweetie, How could I be irritated with him? Hmm! We have our moments 😉

When my children were younger and life seemed a little more filled with moment by moment frustrations (there’s still frustrations in my 65th year.–I am 64!) I used to tell my sweet husband and my children “I love you, anyway.” Whenever I felt like saying something less edifying I would say “I love you anyway.” When they were irritable and unkind to me I would say . . . .  “I love you anyway.”

We are building relationships moment by moment, word by word, action by action. Proverbs 14:1 says “The wise woman builds her house, but
with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” (NIV) Yes, you will feel irritated. It is what you do with that irritation that makes a difference. We are supposed to be our husband’s best friend and sometimes one spouse is a better friend than the other.
Titus 2:4 tells us that the older women are to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children. This means if it has to be taught there are at least some times when it does not come naturally.

We are grace people. God has extended grace to us to the extent of walking and living in this world being rejected and mistreated and disrespected (and He is God) and then being condemned and crucified by the people He came to save. Having received grace, we can afford to give grace to others, especially those closest to us.

Many years ago I woke up to the radio alarm to hear Frank Peretti say “With the world everything starts out so simple but ends up being so hard. With the Lord, everything starts out being so hard but ends up being so simple.” That is very true.

I started the blog/group, not because I have always been so smart but because whatever wisdom I have came through making horrendous mistakes on every level: spiritual, mental, emotional, moral and physical. I have learned and want to help you avoid some of the wasted time it took me.

Love your husband and children on purpose especially when they are least lovable. Some of the people I love the most don’t love me at all but that will not change my love for them.

I know I’ve told this true story before but here it is again.:
Brayden (my grandson) asked me one day, “Who do you love most, Grandma?”
“I love God most, Brayden.”
“Why, Grandma?”
“Because when I love God most I can love you better.”

Again, love God most and it will help you love the blessing you have
to endure sometimes better.


Mary P

IMG_0403Take time to step back and look at your kitchen. What can you get off your counter tops to give you more work space. At one time, I got rid of most of my canisters and put my sugar and flour in resealable plastic containers (Rubbermaid, Tupperware) and put them away in a cabinet. Resealable containers help keep the contents fresher and keep critters out. Make your kitchen a more pleasant place to work and spend time with family and friends by getting rid of the clutter. Your home is a canvas for family life.

Clean out your purse. Toss the unneeded receipts and file the ones you need to keep. Toss the trash. If you don’t have any children under 18 months, you may not need that pacifier any more. Get rid of anything you don’t need. Don’t keep more credit/debit cards in your purse than you need. If you lose your purse you will need to know what was in it to cancel the cards and replace the ID.

  • I took the contents of my purse (ID, Medical cards, credit card/debit cards, library cards, and whatever you would need to replace) copied them  front and back in my printer/copier. I put the paper copies ( I copied them all at once not one at a time) in my lockbox. 

Clean out your car. Take a bag for trash and a bag for things that don’t need to be in your car. Take the coffee mugs out of the car and wash them. I Recently, my son-in-law was looking at travel mugs in a store. Within days,  I took 5 out of their car when I was helping my daughter. I have more than one daughter, so don’t assume which one it is.
When you take the stuff out of your car on a regular basis it will be a safer place to be. In a fast stop all the stuff in your car becomes dangerous flying objects. Secure items that you need to keep in the car to keep yourself and your family from injury. Look around in your car and think.


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