Saturday is family day.  This is the day when we all do the daily chores together quickly and then spend time together as a family.

Indoors, you could scrapbook, play games (preferably good old fashioned board games) do crafts, have a movie day (watch the content!) with popcorn, or have a cooking lesson and all prepare a meal together.

Outdoors, weather permitting, you could go window shopping, go to a park, have a simple picnic, go for a bike ride, go for a walk.  We like to drive down to the free ferry across from Jamestown, walk around in Williamsburg in the free areas, including some great shops and have a drive back up Route 5 and across the Benjamin Harrison bridge. Many of us never visit the areas visitors come to each of our areas to see.  And again, it doesn’t have to cost much or anything!

Relax and enjoy each other.  I gave my children each a baggie of quarters when we traveled and when they began to bicker they had to pay me a quarter.  That was the money they would spend when we stopped for a soft drink or snack.  When they ran out of money because of bickering or poor planning–that was it!  It was a double lesson on budgeting and getting along with each other.

Loving your spouse, loving your family is the most important job you’ll ever have after loving God




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