Your Sunday task is to plan your week. I want you to consider making part of this planning time a family or couples tradition. Each Sunday have a planning brunch or pizza party dinner with your sweeties and plan the activities for the week with fair notice of upcoming activities like choir concerts, games, practices, tests,
doctor’s appointments, you get my drift 😉 Your main focus is the upcoming week but don’t forget to note the things that are more than a week out.
This way you can control your commitments and make sure everyone gets where they need to go. This may involve some occasional rescheduling. It also means that each member of the family needs to limit their after-school activities so mom and dad don’t live in the car and you actually have time together.
If more than 70% of your waking hours are obligated you are past crash and burn time. You need at least 30% down time to keep up with yourself, your relationships and your God.
My heart is at home. At the end of your life it will be the relationships that matter. Your relationship with God, your relationship with your family, your relationship with the people God has placed in your life. All the rest is just disposable stuf

  • IMG_0453What are your goals for the week?
  • What appointments do you have?
  • What errands do you need to run? Library? Dry Cleaners? Post Office? Bank? Groceries? Thrift Store to drop off donations?
  • When will you do these errands?
  • What have you been putting off? (procrastination) Can you take care of it this week? When?
  • Gather your family and talk about their commitments for the week.
  • When a schedule comes into your home from an organization, sports team, or any other activity enter the information on you calendar immediately. When activities conflict, knowing it early makes working it out a little less stressful.
  • Don’t forget to note if you or yours are to provide food, bring anything, or wear certain clothes. Note the preparations on your calendar, too.
  • While you focus on the current week, what do you need to do this week to make next week easier. It saves a trip to the store if you realize next week is your week to provide refreshments for the football team after the game. You can add the items you need to your shopping list and have them ready to go.



One thought on “Sunday –Plan Your Week

  1. Mary! I love these questions!! 🙂 and I never thought about the quantative number to assess our time away from home. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your knowledge/wisdom. 😀

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