This week our Area of Focus is The Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. I have lots of pictures of my family in my bedroom and other things I love including gifts from dear friends and family. Everything in your bedroom should mean something to you.






Mind Candy

The first thing I need to say is I am guilty.

Some of the time thieves in our lives are mind candy.  Television, video games and computers all too often are the thieves of the time we say we don’t have to manage our homes (clean, declutter, organize), have quiet time, or spend time with our loved ones.  The first people we need to communicate with are the people God has placed us among.  Our family and friends.  The computer, television and games become an escape from  life, relationship and accomplishing the things we say we want to do.  If we are disciplined and use these tools for information and communication they can be very handy but I find myself spending more time than I need to in front of the television watching things I really don’t care about.  I find myself spending more time on the computer than I intend while things are left undone around me. Like candy, these things do not really nourish us. The question is:  How can we manage them so they again become useful tools?

  • Decide how much time you will spend on the computer and watching television and stick to it.  Use a timer.
  • Select the television programs you will watch and monitor what your children are watching. There is an upper tier channel called Qubo that has programing like 3-2-1 penguins, Veggie Tales and Tales from the Book of Virtues for children.
  • There is still junk among  people and ministries that represent themselves as Christian.  Many really nice people are deluded.  Know who you are listening to. Know what you believe and why you believe it.
  • Turn off the television when you are not watching something you have selected to watch.
  • Are your choices in programming and websites consistent with your profession of faith in Christ? Are they junk food?
  • What is the agenda of the news sources you elect to get your news from? I watch Fox News because of the difference in tone and the attempt to present news in a fair and balanced way.  I remember one of the news men left their ashes from Ash Wednesday on throughout the day.  It took me a while to realize what that shadowy cross on his forehead was.  I hear faith spoken in a natural way by many on that network on a regular basis. Faith is a part of who some of them are not just something they do.
  • Assignment: Find ” I will put no vain thing before my eyes.” in your Bible.

I genuinely wish that I could post what is in my heart and mind.  So often what is clear in my mind is hard to put down in writing.  I’m not a writer, I’m a mom, grandma, friend, neighbor, daughter, sister, but most of all a believer in Jesus Christ.  I have examined His claims and I have examined His Word and I have ultimate confidence in Him and His Word. I’m staking not only my life but also my eternity on Him.

To make a difference, be different.


Mary P

When the tool takes hold of us, instead of us taking hold of the tool, we lose.  Our minds get fat on these candies.  Our head becomes so cluttered with things we really do not need to see, do, or think about it.  The virtual universe replaces what is true and real. What is the mind candy you are consuming in your life? What changes do you want to build your relationship with the Lord, your family and friends, your home and to reach out to others.


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