IMG_0001Your desk is a place for you to do your paperwork. You are your home manager. Managers manage. Managers bring order and one place is in family business and finances. You may have all the responsibility for paying bills but in any circumstances you need to be aware of your family finances. Working from a desk in chaos is not very productive. So let’s put your desk in order.

  • Declutter the top of your desk.
  • Sort any papers.
  • If you have not yet made files for dealing with the papers that come into your home there are file labels in the files section of our site.
  • My File Box for My Simple Filing System
    My File Box for My Simple Filing System

    As you declutter your desk you will find bills to pay, items you want to read, information on appointment and activities you want to take part in, receipts to file after they are posted in your checkbook (I use Quicken), things to go into your tax folder now (this will save you tons of time when you prepare next years taxes) .  Make files and put your papers in them and then act on them.

  • If you forget to do things if they are not sitting right in front of you make a list  and make it a priority to take care of the items on that list.
  • Use your declutter time  today and tomorrow to work through your office.
  • Make a decision quickly on each item as you come to it.  It wastes time handling the same piece of paper over and over again.
  • Wednesday is Desk Day--Pay Bills, Bring All Your Personal and Family Business Up to Date, and File
    Wednesday is Desk Day–Pay Bills, Bring All Your Personal and Family Business Up to Date, and File

    Go through each drawer and put each in order keeping like with like

  • Know that going through your papers and desk can be like running in sand but you can do it.
  • I try to answer questions quickly, if you have a problem email me.




One thought on “Desk Declutter

  1. Mary – your advice is always excellent. While I don’t do any bill paying (DH does that) I do straighten my desk and do intensive planning for Thursday’s shopping. This week is especially important – as next week I do no shopping at all due to Thanksgiving.

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