IMG_0425This is from my friend, Linda Lou:

Hey there

I put a index card with a hole punch in it and put a rubber band and put it on the hanger, I put one on every hanger in the closet, when I go to  wear something I take the index card off and at the end of 10 weeks I go thru and see what I am wearing and that helps me get rid of things.
Mary:  I used those brightly colored price tags on strings you can get from an office supply.
This mom says: You may keep special occasion dresses that are worn less than once in 3 months. If the clothes hold memories take a picture and give the clothes to someone who needs it or put it in a trunk in the attic, clean and wrapped in acid free tissue so people will know it is special. You may want to include a note about why it is special and what the size is. Someone may want to take it out and wear it someday and it would be nice if they knew the back story.

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