399879_454911077920215_278548776_nI was responsible for the chapels at a ladies’ retreat several years ago. I took flowers, candles and other things to put together chapels that would speak of my love for God. Other people told me that the chapels were lovely but when I sat down during the services all I could see was the wrinkles in the carefully ironed tablecloth covering the altar. I was so focused on the flaws I could not appreciate the beauty.

So many times our focus is not on the beauty we create in our homes but in the flaws that remain. I once read that artisans deliberately leave a flaw in their artworks as a statement that only God is perfect. We are not perfect and never will be. Our focus is on God. We follow His leading and rest in His goodness. There is time to stop and enjoy the order we are working bit by bit to create.
When you complete a chore, or finish straightening a room take a moment to appreciate your work. So much of what we do is done over and over with few if any words of appreciation. Take joy and give your work as a service to God and a gift of love to those God has placed you among.
Give in response to God’s calling and not just out of necessity.

You are called. You are called by God. Being a wife,a mom, a grandma, or even a single is a calling. Our care for our homes, families or others God places in our lives is a service not only to them but also to God. It is worship. This vision of service in caring for others is what lifts us out of aggravation and drudgery to the glory of God. Do all that you do to the glory of God. Do it in joy. Make it fun!


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