IMG_0351Years ago I read a book by Karen Burton Mains called Making Sunday Special.  The Sabbath, which we now celebrate on Sunday because it is the day Christ returned to life, is a gift to us–a day apart, different from every other day of the week.  Sunday is a time to recognize who God is, what He has done, is doing and will do in my life-in all of life. The Sabbath is like a wedding ring from my Lord saying remember. Remember My commitment to you, remember your commitment to Me. 

Karen spoke of the excitement of a group of devout Jewish tourists she found herself and her husband traveling through Israel with.  They realized that they would be in Jerusalem for Shabbat.They were filled with awe on the opportunity to worship in Jerusalem on that day For them the Sabbath was the crown of the week.  On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you prepared for the Sabbath to be celebrated on Saturday. Then on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday you remembered the Sabbath.  The week went up to the Sabbath and then came down from the Sabbath only to joyfully go up again.  We are losing something holy as we make Sunday like every other day with projects, errands, shopping and whatever else. 

Again, I want to suggest to you making a traditional time for planning with your family either a brunch or a special dinner to plan your week together,  to make sure you have all the family commitments coordinated and on your calendar so you don’t find out Friday morning that you were supposed to provide 5 dozen cookies for a class party or your child needs a clean, ironed white shirt and black slacks for the choral concert at 6:30 at 6:00 on Tuesday.  You can coordinate with your spouse’s work schedule and know what they have going on this week and your can plan to be a part of your children’s activities.  You can work to not overschedule and lose precious time together as a family. You can know how to pray for each other about that test, that meeting at work, the challenges we all face in the world.

God first, the family He has placed you in second.  You love your children well by loving God and loving your husband.  Love is not just a warm fuzzy feeling.  It is a commitment, an act of the will, it is worship of the Lord.  Love is a verb. A verb is an action word.  Live it.

We live in a real world with broken people. Broken people do broken things and broken people love in broken ways.  Sunday is a day of building, of restoring, of healing.  We need the rest that this different day brings to begin to be less broken.  With planning Sunday can be a time of rest instead of a series of activities to get through and one more big hassle.  It can be a day of joy. 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I love you.




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