• IMG_0422 I remember reading years ago about the Mount Vernon Method.  Sandra Felton wrote about it in The Messie’s Manual. She noted on a visit to Mount Vernon that the staff would work until just before opening and then stop for the day. They then pick back up where they left off the next day.  The way we apply the Mount Vernon Method in our homes is by using our decluttering time to work through an area in a pattern we individually choose. You can work clockwise or counter clockwise.  Work from the top to the bottom.  Dust and debris fall so if you start at the bottom it will fall on the areas you’ve straightened as you work higher.  You choose the amount of time you spend but you win back your home by the minutes you invest.

Your Calendar

IMG_0453Don’t forget to add activities like

  • grocery shopping,
  • errands
  • and jobs that need to be done more regularly in your home because of anything unique in your situation to your calendar. (Vacuuming and dusting more often because of pets)
  • I also add tasks like renewing my car’s registration and inspections to my calendar so they don’t slip by me. Take time to look at each of your vehicles and add the months they need new tags or inspections to your calendar. Don’t forget to take a pen and paper when you go outside to check unless your memory is better than mine.

Christmas Hints

  • Pace yourself and enjoy your family and friends during the holidays. Don’t stretch finances and over schedule yourself. The people in your life are more important than a perfectly decorated home.
  • I send Christmas cards as I receive them but check my address book just before Christmas so I will remember those people I haven’t received cards from and don’t want to lose contact with.
  • Look for clutter free gifts like tickets to events, family memberships to local attractions, gift cards for restaurants or gas.
  • Do you have an envelope for your receipts so if you need to return or exchange something you will be able to find that receipt. Find one place to keep the envelope that will be convenient when you get home from shopping.
  • We exchanged names this year within our family (adults)and limited the cost to $30. That way every adult gets a Christmas gift. We  are trying to keep Christmas affordable for everyone.

I would be happy to answer questions about your challenges. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it.

IMG_0001And Remember Your Children

Involve your children in the tasks around your home from babyhood and give them the opportunity to do things poorly until they can do them well. Guide, assist and praise your children. They will become incredible helpers and better people when they grow up working with you.



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