This is a time to keep things picked up and not add any more work than necessary. In a few weeks we will be entering a new year and will take time to go room by room again to eliminate clutter and make our homes more beautiful, comfortable and pleasant.



3 thoughts on “K-I-S-S- Keep It Simple Sweetie–Save the Major Decluttering until after the Holidays

    1. Mary – as a Bible teacher, sometimes I have a huge room full of students, and I feel as though only or two is really getting it. I know it pleases the LORD when we encourage each other. Keep up your wonderful ministry! Even though my house is too large to follow your schedule exactly – I find it very motivating! And I have adopted some of your techniques where I practically could. You are a blessing to keepers at home – and I wish all of them would read your blog.

      Your sister in Christ Jesus – sage

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