MP900382968This Month:

Prepare for Christmas–Prepare Your Heart and Your Home

This Week:

The Area of Focus is:

Monday through Saturday (2nd-7th) The Living Room /Family Room

Next Week (8th– 14th) The Kitchen

Daily Tasks:

Each Monday

  • Pull your home back together after the weekend
  • Clean all your toilets
  • Check your bathrooms for any needed supplies—personal, paper, and cleaning and add them to your shopping list

Each Tuesday—Duster Dance Day—Draft any little helpers in your home to help you. Grab some fun dusters, and put on some happy music and dance that dust right out of your home.

Each Wednesday

  • Pay your bills
  • Take care of any personal and family business—Cards to send? Phone calls to make? Emails or letters to send?
  • File any papers you need in a way that you will be able to locate them, if needed. Don’t clutter your life with papers you will never look at again. Toss them!

Each Thursday—

  • Clean your hard floors–hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum. Sweep and mop. In between, take a few moments to sweep high traffic rooms, as needed or daily, and wipe up spills as they occur.

Each Friday—Wrap up your week—

  • Clean out your car—don’t forget to take in trash and personal belongings each time you arrive imagehome but Friday is the day you give your car some extra TLC
  • Clean out your purse, backpack, diaper bag, tote, or computer case.  I straighten the contents of my purse regularly but Friday is the day I make sure everything is in order and I am not carrying a lot of weight I don’t need.
  • Vacuum the traffic areas in your home.

Saturday is Family Fun Day –whether you work or play together, make it fun. Create memories.

Sunday is the ring on your week that signifies your love relationship with the Lord—take time to worship. Then plan your week with your husband and children.

Anticipate the needs of each day ahead of time—for activities, games, concerts. Will food be needed? Special clothes or uniforms? Write it down now and work out the details calmly instead in a last minute panic.

Would Your Husband Think He Was Dying?

In Elizabeth George’s book “A Wife after God’s Own Heart”, she tells about a woman whose husband came to her and asked if he was dying!

imageIt seems that, inspired by a seminar that Elizabeth George had led, the woman began to intentionally treat her husband with kindness. Imagine! The poor man thought he was dying because his wife was showing him love and respect!

I thought about trying to treat my husband as if he were dying!!!!!! Especially when I did not feel like it. I would ask myself, “Would you do this for him or would you say this to him if you knew he was dying?” We never know how long we or any of the people around us have in this life. I do not want to remember my last contact with someone as being filled with unkind words or a less than loving attitude. This attitude does not need to be limited to your spouse. How can you be kind and encouraging to each person you meet? Be kind as an act of worship and service to God, not for anything it might gain you. Love means taking the time to show your children how to make their beds or clean their room, blessing instead of cursing the people who get in your way or treat you unkindly, and can be shown in so many other ways. We have a gracious God. We can afford to treat others with grace and even apologize when we fail. It is easy to love the lovable. We are called to love the unlovely or even the lovely when they are less so. If it were easy God would not need to direct us to do it.


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