• Hall tree closedYou walk in the door and put everything down . . . for now.
  • You get undressed and drop your clothes on the floor . . .for now.
  • You unload the dishwasher and leave dishes on the counter . . . for now.
  • You bring groceries and other purchases into the house and set them down . . . for now.
  • You put the mail on the kitchen table, the kitchen counter, your desk, an end table . . . for now.
  • You really intend to get right back to these things but days, weeks, months later, things are still where you left them . . . for now.

Put it away now.

Hall tree openBegin today:

  • Have a place for your keys, umbrella, purse, diaper bag and put them there when you walk in the house.
  • Don’t leave your clothes on the floor or on a chair.  Put them away or into the laundry . . . now.
  • Put all the dishes and pots and pans all the way away, when you unload the dishwasher.
  • Put the groceries and your purchases away as soon as you get home.  (I confess. In times fairly long past, I forgot to put away perishables until they had perished.  Being disorganized costs money. Lots of money!!)
  • Have a place for your mail and a time to go through it.  Open it next to a wastebasket, it will save time.

Lead by example. Don’t expect your family to catch on immediately.

Find solutions for your problems, not problems for your solutions.:D

Pick it up, don’t pass it up.


Mary P


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