imageIn the kitchen the smartest thing I have learned is to clean as I go. When you begin to cook fill the sink with soapy water and wash your
dishes as you are finished using them. Also put away ingredients as you are finished with them.
A close second good idea is emptying the dishwasher as soon as you can handle the dishes (They can be REAL hot!) Then put your dishes into the dishwasher instead of leaving them on the counter or the sink.
Your kitchen should be set up in Centers with like items stored together close to where they are used. Also, consider whether some of the things you keep in the kitchen belong there. We often open mail in the kitchen and then leave it on the table, the counters, everywhere! Your bills and office materials belong together. If there is no other place, choose a drawer and keep all your bill paying materials together in that one place. Missed payments cost money, don’t they??!!
Remember the purpose of each room. The primary purpose of the kitchen is food storage, meal preparation, and often a place to eat and socialize. Trying to eat at a table covered with clutter or cook on counters covered with papers is not fun or functional.

Change your towels and dish cloths frequently. Don’t leave the dish cloth wadded up in the sink. That smell is bacteria multiplying.



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