Today in the kitchen take a few minutes and wipe off your appliances.  Use dish soap and water or all purpose cleaner – don’t make it any more complicated than you need to.

My under the sink cabinet was on my To Do list for Monday--I gave it a fresh coat of paint. Everything is grouped by type and the battery powered light and white paint make it easy to see inside what was once the kitchen's black hole.
My under the sink cabinet The products are sorted by type and how often I use them. Notice the light bulb and white paint.

Clean the “black hole” under the sink. Sort products according to kind as you take them out. If you will never use it, get rid of it.
Put rarely used items closer to the back and the products you use often like dishwasher detergent, dishwashing liquid, window cleaner,
whatever you just need to reach in and grab. A cleaning caddy to grab and go to the area you are working in may be useful or just another piece of clutter if you don’t.

Quickly sort through your freezer. Notice what you might want to use in the next week or so. Items lose quality in the freezer, too, so plan on putting in on the menu before it becomes any icy science experiment.

The under the sink area can count as your decluttering for the day if it needs more than a couple minutes attention. When each area gets regular attention it will take less and less time.

Remember, there is an article on decluttering in the file tab.

Remember to regularly involve your children as you work. It will take more time but they will be spending time with mom and learning now has future benefits.

For anyone local, if you need a cup of tea, give me a call.  Send your prayer requests and I will pray for you. God had chosen to work in this world according to the invitation of His people in prayer.

Maintaining is crucial. It keeps you from having to keep starting over. Keep starting over until you get there and when you fall off  the wagon, get right back on. EVERYBODY gets discouraged sometimes.


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