Success in the supermarket involves getting the best nutritional value for your money and incorporating healthy choices in your diet.  A diet is not a weight loss program. It is your regular mode of eating and can be healthy or unhealthy.

One of the best lessons I have learned in improving the quality of food in my diet is to shop the periphery of the supermarket. That is the outer edges of the store.  The departments usually found there are:

  • the produce department
  • the bakery/deli
  • the meat department
  • the seafood department
  • the dairy department

These departments ususally have the freshest, least processed foods.  The aisles of the store contain processed foods with additives that may increase shelf life but do not necessarily add to nutritional value.  The amount of time it takes to prepare fresh foods is not that great. Teaching your children to cook and spending time with them in the kitchen can be enriching for you and your child(ren).

Begin to rethink your approach to the food moving from fast to nutrition rich.


Mary P

Strategy for the Supermarket.

  • Know your grocery store. Many  storeres have maps of the location of items.
  • Have a list and shop from it.
  • Use the map of the grocery store to make the grocery list, so you can move from area to area without backtracking.

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