IMG_0421Today is the last weekday in the kitchen. Some of my grandchildren and I will be making cinnamon rolls to share with friends and family this weekend. Two of my grandsons have asked me to take them to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Saturday so the baking will be on Sunday, not a normal work day but this will not be work.

Next week from the 15th to the 21st we are focusing on Our Bedroom, Our Bathroom, and Our Closet. From the 22nd through Christmas to the 28th, we will be working in our entry, our front porch, and our dining room. If you do not have a room in the rotation like a dining room either work in an area that fills that purpose or chose another room in your home. The 29th to the 31st the focus on the bathroom(s).

In your bedroom:

  • Have you gotten rid of any trash/garbage?
  • Are there any piles of clothes that need to be put away?
  • Are your bedside tables in order, clean, and clutter free?
  • Are the tops of your dressers dusted?
  • Is there one type of item per drawer or area of drawer?
  • Are your socks matched? I roll socks and put them into an organizer. Turning socks back into themselves wears out the elastic much faster. I buy all the same type of socks for my husband with only a few exceptions. (Yellow toe)
  • Do you have too many shoes?  (Yes, you can have too many pairs of shoes. If they don’t fit, are in poor repair, and you won’t ever wear them, they are excess) How are your shoes stored?
  •  Is the area under your bed orderly? Make sure you vacuum this area thoroughly.
  • Do you have jewelry that is broken, unmatched earrings, or you will never wear again? Fix it or get rid of it. I confess to having a box of unmatched and broken jewelry in my craft area for use in crafting projects. I put a pair of my grandmother’s earrings on one of my Boyd’s Bears.
  • What is on your closet shelves and on your closet floor? Containers keep items together and free of dust.
  • Are your clothes organized by type in your closet? Is your closet well-lit?  Do you have a hook or valet rod for hanging your clothes for tomorrow?
  • What do you do with your dirty clothes? I don’t have a hamper in our bedroom because I take our dirty clothes directly to the
  • Is your bedding in good repair? Where are you storing your linens? You can bundle sets of linens into one of the pillows? Keep linens together by size. I try to have three sets  of sets for each bed. One on, one in the laundry, and one in reserve.
  • Are there cobwebs in the corners? Are the drapes in need of cleaning or vacuuming? Are the windows clean and the blinds clean and dust free?
  • Are your light fixtures clean and free of dust?

Try to keep bills and desk work out of your bedroom. I don’t like having a television in our bedroom but my husband does, so we have a television in our bedroom. Remember your bedroom is a sanctuary not a storage locker.

Don’t forget to maintain what you have accomplished.

More on Grocery Shopping

????????????????????????????????????When you go to the grocery store, and arrive home, put the groceries away and dump all the produce in the sink with 1 cup of vinegar and soaked for 15 minutes. The vinegar removes dirt and coatings. Then cut up my fruit and put it in a container. I can eat the fruit for a treat or put it in my yogurt, in my oatmeal or cereal. This is in contrast to what I have done in the past–leaving it in the fridge until it gets mold on it and then trying to salvage a few pieces.


Mary P

When I do my before bedtime walk through I look at each room that is in order and take joy at what I have accomplished. When something is out of place, I put it where it belongs. If I notice something that needs more than a few minutes, I put it on my list for tomorrow.

Take joy and satisfaction at what you have accomplished. Let your work praise you when no one else does.


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