My dedication to decluttering began in full force when two events took place.
I helped a friend clean out her parents’ home following their deaths and determined I never wanted to have my children go through twenty or more years’
worth of expired medicines and cosmetics. (I cleaned out the bathroom)

AND Roy and I looked at a LARGE duplex owned by two elderly sisters. Every closet, drawer, nook and cranny was filled to overflowing with STUFF. There was also a beautiful garage/workshop with a storage loft that was full of STUFF. Most of that stuff hadn’t been used in years and I knew that whoever had the task of clearing out that house after the demise of the owners would have a strong desire to simply throw in a match. Needless to say we didn’t buy that  house. Also since I do not want to encourage arson I heartily recommend decluttering a little at a time continually.
When one of my friends recently commented on the amount of closet space I have I forgot to tell her that it hadn’t always been that way.
I have gotten brutal about getting rid of things I don’t use. My children are fairly warned that if they want their stuff it need to be in their own home or in a limited amount of my attic space (I do plan on evicting their stuff from that space soon-Fair warning!)
When I consider buying something new I have made a one in-one out rule for myself. If I don’t like something enough to use it to replace something in my house then I don’t buy it.

IMG_0425Closet Strategies
Two strategies I used in my closet are (1) I put brightly colored tags on each of the hangers that held the clothes in my closet. When I wore something I took the tag off its hanger. After three months I looked the clothes that still had tags and got rid of most of them. Special event clothes are semi-exempt.

Another strategy is to simply turn all the hangers around and hang them from the back. When I hang them back up I hang them the regular way. After a few months I do the same as in my tag strategy.

Anything in your closet should be clean, mended, wrinkle free and ready to wear. Your clothes should also fit. I get rid of clothes that are too big (or too small) I give myself time to lose weight (Why is it never “gain weight”?) and if things don’t fit in that time frame then they need to go. Keeping “fat” clothes makes it too easy to gain weight. Anything you have in your home should be beautiful or functional. Both beautiful and functional is better. Use it or lose
it, dear ones.


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