Attack the Toy Box Before Christmas

Next week is Christmas and with it an influx of toys to your children’s room(s). Over the next few days I suggest you straighten the bookshelf/toy box in their room(s). Remove toys and books that are no longer in regular use and either archive (put them away for a while to make sure they are not a deeply treasured item before donating or giving away.) I still have some of my children’s most treasured books and toys and their children have read and played with them. I have a lighted storage area under the eaves off of the bonus room that we have dubbed “The Secret Room”. The special toys and books that have survived the years are kept there. When grandchildren or other children visit there are toys, puzzles, books, and games ready to play with them.

Involve Your Children

Again, get your children’s help. If you clean their room and they aren’t involved, they will expect you to continue to do it for life.  Children need the demonstration of how to clean their room and working together is about the best way to demonstrate how to bring order to their room.  They will get better at it over time.  Zig Ziglar said “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can do it well.”  Let your children start poorly and learn to do better.

Friday Routines

This is the day to vacuum the traffic areas on your first floor. You may delegate this if you have someone you will not criticize if it is not totally to your standard.

Also, Friday is clean out your purse and clean out your car day.

I try to carry everything in from the car each time I get home from going anywhere.  For years, I transported grandchildren often enough that car seats were a fixture in my car. I know that kids make a mess.  Give them a trash bag and another bag to carry the good stuff into the house and have them get the trash and their “stuff” out of the car.  When I am waiting in my car I often use the time to make sure all the nooks and crannies of the car are not stuffed with junk. BUT Friday is the day I make a point of checking the car and putting it in order.

I also make a point of making sure my purse is in order on Friday. I get all the receipts out, record them in Quicken if they haven’t been recorded already, and file them.  I dispose of trash and put things back where they belong.  I usually have a large tote with me that I keep things I want to have with me like a small mending kit, wipes, sunglasses, band-aids, Bible and other things I need to run errands (library books, bank deposits, items to return to the store).  I keep this separate from my purse that has a comb, lipstick, breath mints, wallet,  cell phone, and checkbook in it. My purse will fit in my tote but I don’t have to take the tote bag into every place I go.  When I get to the library I just grab my purse and the library book.  The tote is useful to bring things to the car and back into the house.  This is kind to my back, too.  Totes can also carry a bottle and a diaper and wipes when you are in that part of your life (grandmas can carry those items, too, when needed!)

I promise you that I really was worse than you ever hoped to be and that changing your home and your life is very doable.  A little at a time will do it.





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