Thursday—Floor Day!  In Our Zone: Our Bedroom—Put Your Dresser in Order

Each Thursday take a few minutes to give your floors a good cleaning with a wet Swiffer, steam mop or good old fashioned mop and bucket. Make sure the cleaner you use is appropriate for the type of flooring—linoleum, wood, tile, or laminate. Over time cleaning can take a toll on your floor if you are doing it the wrong way. Read, read, read the directions on the bottle or on your cleaning device (steam mop/Swiffer).

Our area of focus: Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet—Make sure any hard flooring is given an extra special cleaning. Today dive into your drawers and put them in order.

  • Store like with like—underwear drawer/sock drawer/sweater drawer. Don’t let every storage area be miscellaneous (everything).
  • Make a decision where something is to be stored and keep it there. If it migrates all the time you may need to alter your decision and either buy an additional one for that area or change the storage place.
  • Go drawer by drawer. Empty the drawer. Replace what belongs there and put things that don’t away where they do belong.
  • Do not dump the entire contents of your dresser onto your bed. Take it one drawer at a time. When your time is up you will not have as much left to deal with.
  • Store items neatly. It makes them easier to find and clothes folded and neatly put away look so much better when you wear them.
  • I buy one type of socks for my husband. They are easy to match. I got him the best socks I could afford so they would be comfortable and he would be happy wearing them.

Each time through your zone do the best you can to make things better. You will be back next month. In between maintain, maintain, maintain.

Tomorrow is Friday—Wrap up the Week Day. We will clean out our purses. Clean out our cars. Vacuum the traffic areas of the house and prepare to have a nice weekend with our sweeties—big and little. In your bedroom any carpets will receive an extra special vacuuming—around, under, and behind. It is so much easier to vacuum when there is not stuff all over the floor.

My Dad always says, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”




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