Today, our focus is on the bathroom and one other room. I’ve included your office area.
On Monday I always ask you to clean your toilets and check bathroom supplies. Make sure you have enough toilet paper for the next week in all baths. I am pretty good at keeping my bathrooms clean but I was noticing an odor. Then I realized that my grandsons’ aims were less than perfect and now I include washing the lid cover regularly.
Each day I try to include chores that will take less than an hour. If it’s taking you longer, set a timer and start racing it. Sometimes we lose focus and work tends to expand to fill the amount of time we allow for it. Saturdays are reserved for family time and Sundays for worship, family, friends and planning.
Each Sunday, I take time to look at my schedule for the week, to make sure appointments are listed in my planner, I check the refrigerator to see what I need to use up and make my menus. Trash collection for me is on Thursday. I try to clear things out of my refrigerator the day before. I try to shop on Thursday after my fridge has been purged of anything out of date or just plain unappetizing.
In the same vein, make sure all the trash is out of your house for trash collection day and that you check the places where recyclables hang out (plastic bottles in the shower, newspapers and flyers in the living room) Some boxes for collectibles or computer or electronic components need to be saved but most boxes can be broken down and put out with the recycling. I had trouble throwing out pretty boxes. Now the rule is “Use it or lose it!”
Don’t forget to pick up after yourself. It is amazing how easy it is  to clean an uncluttered house.


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