Wednesday, January 8, 2013

Bible Reading:  Genesis 15-17; Psalm 7

From Wednesday the 8th to Tuesday the 14th the Area of Focus is The Kitchen

My DeskEach Wednesday is Desk Day

  • Pay Bills
  • Take Care of Any Personal and Family Business—are there any issues that need to be dealt with? Notes to write? Cards to send? Calls to make?
  • File: Put away any papers you may need to reference in a way that you can locate them when needed.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time preparing a post on Unpacking My Suitcase: Taking Out the Trash—The Works of the Flesh.  It was very nice. I hit the publish button and it disappeared. The versions that were saved had the info on burner bowls but nothing on my suitcase!!

imageTest time! How was I going to handle this? Was I going to let my peace be destroyed because I had lost something I had worked hard on? No! There is a God who rules and reigns in my life and there is purpose in everything that happens. I give this to Him. The information is stored in my heart if nowhere else and I will take time to put it back together. To blog or not to blog? That is not my question. What does He want me to do? What will people think if I am not consistent? That’s up to Him. My success, my failure, my gifts, my skills, my days and time, my relationships—it’s all been given to Him and I’m not taking it back. If I am misunderstood, or maybe understood better than I want to be—He knows my heart and is able to correct me far better than anyone else I know. So, if I seem to be or actually mess up, I know who’s in charge and who I am accountable to and I will do my best as a wife, a mom, a grandma, neighbor, friend, serving as He wants, where He wants. I flat surrender. I gave it up and I give it up daily, sometimes moment by moment. He’s the One I trust. So if I fail, let you down, mess up, please forgive me and the other people in your life who do the same. Trust the Father. I live forgiven and I do not take that lightly. I cannot afford to extend any less to anyone else.

I do intend to keep unpacking my suitcase. The messes in your life and mine have more to do with the mess inside that we realize. We do what we are. I want to represent my Master well and that is why I try to be a good wife, mom, and you’ve seen my list before. The people He’s given me to love and His glory are why I want an orderly and pleasant home. It’s not dress to impress or live to impress or decorate to impress but live to glorify God. And that is my bottom line. I hope it’s yours, too.

Love and hugs,


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bible Reading: Genesis 18-20; Psalm 8

The Area of Focus is The Kitchen

Thursday is Floor Day—Give Attention to Your Hard Floors—Hardwood, Laminate, Linoleum, Tile

Thursday is Floor Day
Thursday is Floor Day

In Your Area of Focus Give Your Floors and Baseboards a Little Extra TLC.


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