Monday, January 13, 2014

Bible Reading: Genesis 24-26; Psalm 11

The Area of Focus on Monday and Tuesday is The Kitchen

Keep your counters clear and your dishes done. Empty your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is over and put dirty dishes inside instead of leaving them in the sink.
Keep your counters clear and your dishes done. Empty your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is over and put dirty dishes inside instead of leaving them in the sink.

The Area of Focus Wednesday the 15th to Tuesday the 21st is Your Master Bedroom, Closet, and En Suite Bathroom

Each Monday: Clean Your Toilets and Check Your Bathrooms for Needed Supplies and Add to Your Shopping List for the Week

Decluttering Strategy:  Shop Your Home

One strategy I use for decluttering my home is shopping each area.

Would I buy this item, in this condition, given the finances I have now?

The questions I ask myself when I shop are:

  • Do I need it?
  • Can I afford it at this time or should I save the money before I make the purchase?
  • Is it functional? (I have bought so many tele-deals that do not really work)
  • Is it beautiful?

This weekend with the help of my grandson, I brought in everything that was in my car.

  • I put away everything that belongs inside my home.
  • I threw away anything that did not work or was just plain trash.
  • I realized I had more shopping bags than I will ever need so I “shopped” them. I went through the bags and selected the ones that I like—the color, strength, style, and quality. The rest of those shopping bags are going to be donated today.
  • I am going to the car wash first thing this morning and will have it washed and vacuumed out. Then I will reload only the items I need and use back into my car.

Shopping my home means I look at everything that is one small area at a time and ask myself my  shopping questions:

  • Do I need it?
  • Is it functional—does it work fulfill the function I have it for?
  • Is it beautiful?

Use baskets, bags or bins for items that need to be PUT AWAY, THROWN AWAY, REPAIRED, RETURNED TO OWNER, or DONATED.

PUT AWAY: I remove any item that does not belong in that area and place it where it does belong. Place these items in a basket or bin and make a trip around your home delivering everything in the basket to the area where it does or should belong.

THROW AWAY: Some things are obviously trash, other items are more challenging. If it doesn’t work and can’t be fixed—throw it out

If something is not in good repair but can be fixed, put it into a REPAIR basket and make an appointment with yourself on your calendar to fix that stuff. If it has value but you will never take the time to fix it either have someone fix it for you or give it to someone who will take care of it and make good use of it.

Now about the RETURN TO OWNER basket, there are items throughout your home especially books, CD’s, and tapes, and other things that we have borrowed from friends. I have a craft light that is a duplicate that belongs to a dear friend. She did not need two so she graciously is allowing me to use it long term.  I know it belongs to her and I will relinquish it to her whenever she wants it.  I am not talking about those things.

When someone loans something to you, you have the responsibility to take care of it and return it when you have finished using it. Take care when you borrow something to understand how long the person can part with it.  Use something carefully like baby items, maternity clothes, and return them. If they no longer need or want the item(s), ask the original owner what you are to do with them. Can you pass them on to someone else? Can you donate them? In good conscience if they don’t want them and you donate them, the receipt should be offered to the original owner.

Anything you borrow should be returned in at least as good condition, if not better, than when you borrowed it.

Don’t trust your memory, you may want to have a page in your household notebook for things loaned and borrowed.

  • What,
  • When,
  • For How Long,
  • Who Borrowed or Who Did You Borrow From.

I enjoy returning things because it’s always an opportunity for a visit.

I always have a basket for items to donate. I have a ONE IN, ONE OUT policy. If you are just beginning to stock your home you may not need this policy. I have enough. I do not need any more clothes, dishes, furniture, or just about anything. I have only a few items on my wish list and if I never get them I will be more than fine.

Shopping your home give you an opportunity to evaluate what you have, to use some things in other ways or in other areas of your home. On Wednesday, the Area of Focus shifts to our bedroom, and closet. I will give additional focus to each area over the next month, shopping the contents of each room. I will end up in my kitchen in February. Kitchens can be extra challenging and are best saved for last.

Over the course of each week, I will look at each piece of furniture, clothing, memorabilia, everything in that area and ask myself my shopping questions. I will put back into place only the items I would buy.

Will you join me in this challenge?



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bible Reading: Genesis 27-28; Psalm 12

Area of Focus: Last Day in the Kitchen in January—What can I do to make my kitchen less cluttered, more organized, cleaner, and a more pleasant place to be? IMG_0424

Each Tuesday is Duster Dance Day

Wednesday the 15th to Tuesday the 21st the Area of Focus will be the Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Closet


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