Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bible Reading: Exodus 5-6; Psalm 26

Area of Focus: The Family Bathroom(s) Thursday and Friday

Thursday is Floor Day
Thursday is Floor Day

Thursday is Floor Day—Ever Thursday Clean Your Hard Floors

Give Special Attention to the Floors in Your Area of Focus

Declutter for 15 to 30 Minutes Each Day

Snowed In!

We along with most of the South are having a snow event. So yesterday I began a marathon whole house declutter. I can do this because I have been doing it for thirty years and everything is in pretty good order. Do not do marathons when you are first beginning to declutter because you will crash and burn—at least I did many times before I learned to:

  • Do a little at a time (15 to 30 minutes) Any more than that and you lose focus and become less effective.
  • Put away, throw away and place the donated items together either in the car or ready to go out the door.
  • Without fail, when I am decluttering I will notice that I am about to run out of something. I add these items to my shopping list
  • I find things that are bigger projects—I break them down into smaller steps and add them to my To Do list and calendar
  • If you do not put things that need to be done on your To Do list and calendar, they will remain hazy things in the back of your mind that you need to do someday. Schedule them. Do them. If it needs to be done, get it done.

I was able to go through my entire downstairs—entry, dining room, coat closet, powder room, living room, and kitchen. I left Roy’s desk area to him. I have already decluttered it and he needs to deal with his own papers.

One small way of loving my husband--Each morning after I fix a cup of coffee, I set up Roy's cup of coffee
One small way of loving my husband–Each morning after I fix a cup of coffee, I set up Roy’s cup of coffee

In the kitchen, I am choosing to make The Daniel Plan—not a diet but a lifestyle—part of my life. In the kitchen, I removed most items with

  • MSG (monosodium glutamate)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Hydrogenated and Partially Hydrogenated Oils

I am hoping to woo Roy into this eating plan but I did not remove the catsup and tartar sauce, both contain high fructose corn syrup, and his favorite marinade that contains MSG. Roy is an adult and I want the Lord to rule and reign in his life, not me.

This morning I have already gone through my bathroom, the rugs, and towels are in the washer. I released my hot rollers that I have not used in years (but what if I want to use them sometime? If I have not used them in a couple of years, I can live without them.) I tossed some cosmetics and medications that are out of date. I brought the trash down with me when I came downstairs. Everything I remove gives me added space. There are items on my watch list—things I maybe should get rid of but I’m just not there yet. If I don’t use them soon, out they go.

Yesterday, the downstairs; today the upstairs (and probably tomorrow, too, along with errands that have emerged as I decluttered, organized, and cleaned—the dry cleaners, Target for a baby gift and a few other items, and I managed to leave my datebook at a friend’s house so I need to retrieve it.)

Three big mistakes people make when they try to get organized are

  • They try to do too much too quickly and become total shrews. Then they crash and burn and they lose all their progress.
  • They don’t do enough consistently and never get any lasting result.
  • They don’t maintain their progress.

Be consistent. Make that daily appointment with yourself and be faithful. If you can only do five minutes at a time, do five minutes—two or three or four times a day.

Focus on one small area at a time.

Maintain, maintain, maintain—every hour of every day.

Walking Through Ephesians: Ephesians 5:21

IMG_0351Today just one verse before we get into something that is a real bugaboo for some.

What are we told to do as we begin to talk about relationships?

Ephesians 5:21Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

The world had made submission something God never designed it to be. The concept of submission grows out of love and is an attitude of mutual support and protection. We are not to be all out for ourselves—our desires, our wants, our preferences, but we are in love to defer to others– to unbelievers an example of strength and service; to believers an example of Christ – like love. We demonstrate love and respect to others by our attitude and actions.

Tomorrow: Husband and Wife—in life and love together to honor Christ



Friday, January 31, 2014

Area of Focus: The Family Bathroom(s)

Friday is your last day for the month so make those bathrooms shine!

The shower organizer in our bathroom. Note the brass squeegee. Keeping the soap scum from building up in your shower will save time and effort.
The shower organizer in our bathroom. Note the brass squeegee. Keeping the soap scum from building up in your shower will save time and effort.

Each Friday is Wrap Up the Week Day

  • Clean out your car
  • Clean out your purse, backpack, diaper bag, computer case or whatever you carry with you when you leave your home.
  • Vacuum the traffic areas in your home. Give special attention to your Area of Focus: use the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner to remove dust from curtains, cobwebs from corners, and dirt from any of its hiding places.

Declutter for 15 to 30 Minutes Each Day.


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