Patrick of Ireland grew up in a home where he had devout Christian parents and grandparents. It was a well-to-do home. In 405 AD as a teenager, he was kidnapped, taken to Ireland and sold to a farmer who gave him the job of tending sheep.

Faith had not been real to Patrick until one day as he tended sheep, he met the Great Shepherd and committed to follow Him.

Patrick later escaped and returned to Britain. He became a priest. In a dream he heard an Irish voice pleading: “Holy boy, we are asking you to come home and walk among us again.” Patrick, no longer a slave to man but to Christ, was struck by the compassion of Christ for the Irish. He returned to Ireland, a mostly pagan country. He was determined to bring the Good News of Christ to superstitious, Druid worshiping Ireland. He travled around Ireland, baptizing new convert, discipling new believer, and training others to reach people for Christ. Patrick started many churces and told kings and their courts, farmers and peasants about
Christ. By the time he died in 461 AD he had begun a movement that transformed Ireland.

Real people, living real lives in the real world who know and love Christ can make a difference in their family, their neighborhood, their community, in the world. Live Christ, love with His love. You will make a difference. Witnessing is not so much something we do as something that grows out of who we are.

Irish hugs, (on my Grandpa Lyons side)

Mary Paitsel


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