Bible Readings:        


Monday— Joshua 5-6                                    Psalm 89

Tuesday— Joshua 7-8                                    Psalm 90

Thursday—Joshua 9-10                                 Psalm 91

Friday—Joshua 11-12                                     Psalm 92

Saturday—Joshua 13-14                              Psalm 93

Area of Focus: to Monday, April 28th : The Entry, The Front Porch, and The Dining Room

 Tuesday April 29th and Wednesday April 30th—Your Family Bathrooms

Thursday, May 1st to Wednesday, May 7th – The Living Room/Family Room




Next Week: Friday, May 8th to Wednesday, May 14th—The Kitchen


After Worship, Sunday is Planning Day—Coordinate Your Schedule and Calendar with Your Family

Monday—Launch Your Week

  • Put Your Home in Order after the Weekend
  • Clean the Toilets
  • Check Your Bathrooms for any Needed Supplies—Personal Care, Cleaning, or Paper Products

Tuesday—Duster Dance Day—Remember to make it fun! Turn on the music and get everyone dancing the dust out the door.

Wednesday—Desk Day

  • Pay Your Bills
  • Bring Personal and Family Business Up to Date
  • File

Thursday—Floor Day

  • Clean All Hard Floors—Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, or Linoleum

Friday—Wrap Up Your Week Day

  • Clean Out Your Car
  • Clean Out Your Purse, Backpack, Diaper Bag, Computer Game or Whatever You Carry with You When You Leave the House
  • Vacuum the Traffic Areas in Your Home—Give Special Attention  to Living Room/Family Room

Saturday—Family Fun Day

  • Work or Play Together as a Family and Make It Fun!

Your Bathroom–Under 2 minutes each day

  • Wipe out the sink (30 seconds) I keep a stack of white washcloths under the sink and use them to wipe out the sink and wipe down the counters at least once a day. Develop the habit of wiping out the sink after every use and it will stay clean.
  • Wipe off the toilet seat and rim (20 seconds)
  • Swish the toilet bowl with a toilet brush (20 seconds)
  • Polish the mirror and faucet (20 seconds)
  • Keep a squeegee in the shower and squeegee the surfaces immediately after your shower or use a shower spray (20 seconds)

Daily in Your Living Room—Under 10 minutes

  • Use a Dustbuster to pick up crumbs (2 minutes) (If you don’t have a Dustbuster use a whisk broom and  small dust pan)
  • Straighten pillows on the couch and chairs and fold throws (2 minutes)
  • Spot clean end tables, coffee table and entertainment center – wipe off any fingerprints or other marks. (1 minute)
  • Put away CD’s and DVD’s. Straighten books and magazines. Discard newspapers.

Do you have a place for your keys, work ID, and purse/wallet.?Assign a place for each of these items so you don’t have a last minute panic searching for those items  on your way out the door.


Make it a priority to keep up with your laundry, dishes, and trash. Keeping up with these three tasks will make a major difference in your home.


Make sure you have a place for trash in each room. You can find a variety of wastebaskets that will look well in any room. Check the wastebaskets in different areas of your favorite store. There is a wide price range and the bathroom wastebaskets may work just as well in your office and cost considerably less.

 Don’t leave your laundry half done. When I would leave laundry in stacks around my home I ended up doing the same loads over and over after when those piles of folded clothes got knocked over and mixed in with dirty clothes.

As your children get older, take time to make sure they put their  clothes away so that when it is time to wear those clothes they are clean and wrinkle free.  Don’t expect, inspect. Work with them. As they are ready for increased responsibility,  you will know.

 Again, a little at a time. You will get it done.




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