Care for yourself, your family, and your home intentionally.

Each Day:

Plan a morning afternoon, and evening routine.

I use my evening routine to start my day the night before—lay out clothes for everyone in the family beginning with yourself, put items near the front door (keys, purse, backpacks) for everyone headed out of the house, set the table for breakfast and put out whatever does not need to be refrigerated, put the house in good general order.

In the morning:

Get up, brush your teeth, clean and moisturize your face, and get dressed.

Have your Quiet Time with God.

Do your basic home maintenance (daily tasks) and declutter.

What’s for dinner? Do you need to get anything out of the freezer to thaw? What can you do to begin to prepare dinner?

In the afternoon—

We get ready to welcome the people home who have been out of the house—healthy snack for children who school outside the home, a pleasant re-entry for dad. Plan some down time for your husband before addressing any concerns. Greet him when he walks in the door. Not just “Oh! Old What’s- His Name is here!” Give him a hug and kiss and ask how his day was. Save unloading until later. In the same way, welcome your children home. Give them some down time before home work and family tasks.

Life can be pleasant.


Each week:

  • Sunday is for worship and planning.
  • Monday is launch the week day—pick up the house after the weekend and clean the toilets. While working in the bathroom—note what paper, cleaning, and personal products are needed and write the items on your list.
  • Tuesday is Duster Dance Day—put on some happy music, grab your duster and go room by room. Take the duster outside and liberate the dust back into the atmosphere.
  • Wednesday is Desk Day—pay bills, review family business and do what you can to bring it up to date (make calls, send an email, write a note), file (filing is simply putting away papers you will need in the future in a way that you can easily find them, if you will never need that piece of paper again, file it in the waste basket)
  • Thursday is Floor Day—sweep, then mop your hard floors.
  • Friday is Wrap up the Week Day—clean out your purse, backpack, computer bag, diaper bag, or whatever you carry with you when you go out the door; clean out your car; and vacuum the traffic areas of your home. (The other areas—around, behind and under-are done in the week’s focus room)
  • Saturday is Family Fun Day—Play or work playfully as a family. If you work, plan a reward for when the work is finished.


Each seven days of the month focus on one area

Days 1-7                                                               The Living Room/Great Room/Den

Days 8-14                                                             The Kitchen

Days 15-21                                                          The Bedroom, Closet, and En Suite Bath

Days 22-28                                                          The Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room

Day 29 to the End of the Month                                Family Bath

This work is spread out over the 5-6 days in each area. Sunday IS a day of rest. In each room start high and work downward. First look for cobwebs in the corners and dust the ceiling fan, then make sure the windows, blinds, and curtains are clean and dust free. Next work your way around each room dealing with each area as you come to it. Finally, on Friday you vacuum.

Choose the amount of time you will give to begin at your front door and declutter your way through your home. When you have gone through, go back to the front door and start over. The first time may take a year or more. I can basically do it now—after 30 some years of decluttering—in a few days. Do not expect this in the beginning. (5-30 minutes each day: 5 minutes will give you 25 to 30 minutes of decluttering a week, 10 minutes will give you 50-60 minutes a week, 15 minutes will give you 75-90 minutes a week, 30 minutes will give you 2 ½ to 3 hours a week. )




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