imageI manage my schedule—responsibly. My schedule does not manage me. I had my plan for today—then I got a call from my daughter. My granddaughter’s purse had been taken with her keys and ID. My daughter asked that we change the lockset for their home and have keys made for all the family members. Roy and I will get it done. I am Roy’s executive assistant now that he is retired. He works on the mechanics, I help.

In a few minutes I will make sure my basics are done and then we will take care of the locks and keys. My children are my priority after God and my husband.

I remembered something this morning. I remembered the “all the time in the world” attitude I had as a young wife and mom. In the morning I had all day before me to have my Quiet Time, get dressed, get my children dressed, and put my home in order. Then suddenly it would be 4:30 with nothing done and all of us in pajamas. Get dressed and do your basics first—then if you want to play the day away and savor the moments, you will not be facing panic later in the day. Yes, sometimes we need some down time but if all our time is down time, if we are not currently living in a mess we soon will be.

  • Get dressed early in the day.
  • Do your basics—dishes, laundry, house in good general order
  • Plan your work, work your plan.
  • Maintain what you have cleaned and decluttered.
  • Make a decision about dinner early in the day.
  • Be flexible without being irresponsible.

To my family, one way I live my love for them is by being available and helping with things their responsibilities make it challenging to get done.

Emergencies are by their very nature somewhat unexpected. By making sure your home is in order before you go to bed and then again before you leave your home, you are free to respond to emergencies.  In the same way but getting up and getting dressed in the morning, you are always emergency room ready (or ready for any other place like pharmacy, doctor’s office, hardware store or even ready for a friend to drop by)

Don’t wait for the last moment. Get what you need to get done accomplished and allow breathing space in your life.




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