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On November 26th my daughter Summer and her family will come to visit for the first time in more than a couple of years since their move to Utah.  I plan to use that date as the date I want to be finished with refreshing our home. Roy and I have already started to go through our home to refresh it. The powder room is like new. The kitchen is almost there with some new cabinets, fresh paint, a new gas range, and a stainless steel dishwasher. Roy is taping and filling in the dings and dents in the walls  on the first floor. We are painting the interior of our home with a pale creamy yellow. He is at work in the dining room today.

My plan is to give attention to each area while keeping the rest of the house in good order. It is a challenge to keep the rest of the house in order when you are doing a renovation project. It’s almost as if having one area out of order gives you permission to ignore everything else. I plan to keep things in order including the laundry and have regular healthy not fast food meals for Roy and me. I am setting a standard.

The Car

I began yesterday with my room on wheels –our car. When we returned from Alabama I took time to scrub off the insects and road dust with my Norwex car mitt. Yesterday,

  • I removed everything from my car that does not belong in it,
  • I used a Norwex microfiber cloth to wipe down all the surfaces inside the car. I like using the microfiber cloth because I can use it on windows, the dashboard, the console, the seats—all surfaces without needing any type of chemical cleaner and not changing from one cleaner to another.
  • I vacuumed the floors and seats, as well as the floor mats.

I made sure the bags I carry in the trunk of my car for use in shopping are in order. I also keep a BIG umbrella in the trunk.

Ta Da! My car is clean. I am scheduling a service visit next Wednesday.

Mission car—Complete

This morning I woke early. I was ready to begin to go through each area of my home again. An easy area is the family bath which is no longer in daily use. I cleaned the sink and tub and checked each cabinet and drawer to make sure it is in order.  We have purchased a new light fixture, towel racks, and toilet paper holder and that room is ready for paint sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Family Bath—ready for renovation.

Movie Storage

We have a storage cabinet in the hallway upstairs for movies. I went through the cabinet and moved a few items that had traveled outside their categories. Yes, I am obsessive—I categorize and alphabetize. We had some audio tapes in that cabinet so I moved them to my office so I could transfer them to CD, then I will pass them on to someone who still listens to cassettes.

In Our Room

I then attacked our walk-in closet. I do this regularly so it is now easy. Actually the challenge is that I have purged and purged and it has gotten hard to let go of what I have left. I want everything in my closet to be clean, wrinkle free, in good repair and fit. This applies to my clothes and Roy’s. I asked him if there were any of his clothes that needed attention. He said no but I still took a few minutes to look at each piece of both mine and his clothing. I realized I was not wearing some of my dresses because they are lightly wrinkled so I took them out of the closet to give them attention.

I opened each drawer in my dresser. I pulled some tee shirts and camisoles out of the closet and moved them to my dresser. I had space in the dresser and this freed up rod space in the closet.

I looked at what I had on the shelves and made labels for some of the containers. Label, label, label. We always think we will remember what is in a box, bin, basket or other container but especially when the containers are similar, we don’t.

I realized I had two beach bags so I put one away in my closet for next year and took the other out of service. If I don’t have another use for it, it may be donated at the end of this super purge.

I noted when I opened Roy’s chest of drawers that he needs some new boxer briefs so that goes on the list for my next shopping trip.

Master Bedroom Closet and Dressers in Bedroom—in order

As soon as I finish this post I am going to give the front porch a little attention and then make sure the house is in good general order.

Then, I am going to return to my bedroom and check the entertainment center. Next, dreaded dusting that almost seems futile because of our work in the house.

The next area I will focus on after our bedroom is in order is the kitchen. I tried to put everything away in just the right place when Roy was finished working in the kitchen but some things need to be rearranged.

I will take breaks for water, and lunch. When I take a break I will write down anything that has come to mind that I need to do or buy, if I have not already written it down.

This afternoon I have a hair appointment so I will quit in time to pull myself together and head out the door to be on time and honor my friend and hairdresser, Robin’s time.

Dinner Plan–I am going to start some black bean soup for dinner.

I am planning my work and working my plan.

If you are going through your home to declutter, organize, and clean, you may want to make a list of each room and each storage area within that room. Checking off your progress gives you encouragement when encouragement is not coming from anywhere else.



I was getting long winded so I broke this into two posts.


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