image(NOTE: A note about the pictures. When I began to post on this site a friend recommended adding pictures and told me about the pictures available online. I decided that I would use pictures that totally not talented in this department me took in my home. We have been refreshing our home so soon you will be seeing pictures of our work. I am so looking forward to sharing them with you hoping you will remember that I am neither a decorator nor a photographer.)

Today is Tuesday. One of my sweetest friends is having a Beauti-Control Spa Party and lunch at 11. Once upon a time I would have waited until the last minute to pull myself together. This morning I got up, made my bed, took a shower, got dressed, and had my Quiet Time. The dishwasher is running and the house is in good general order. I can face my day with purpose—I am working in my workroom/craft room/guest bedroom/the room Brayden claims as his own when He is here.

When I am headed over to my friend’s home I can go to the dry cleaners and pick up the dresses I noticed needed attention when I cleaned out my closet.

Yesterday in the back bedroom, I boxed up all the pictures and memorabilia in white boxes and labeled them:

  • The Minelli-Lyons Family (All the pictures of my parents and my growing up years)
  • Mary Jane Minelli Paitsel (Special memories of activities with my friends)
  • The Roy and Mary Paitsel Family (Our family and home from 1975-to the present including pictures of the places we have lived and our pets)
  • One box for each of my children—Eve, Summer, Amy, and Roger
  • Family and Friends (The Christmas pictures we have received through the years by family and other special memories with friends)

I have already completed some scrapbooks for Roy and his family as well as his work history. These were gifts to Roy for special occasions in the past.

The back bedroom is the last room that Roy will be painting and I want everything in order before He gets there next week. This week Roy is redoing our bathroom and our bedroom while we use the guest bedroom and family bath that he completed last week. I may even get some crown molding in our bedroom and bathroom (I hope! I hope! He is talking about it.)

Unbeknowst to us, our doorbell died. We replaced it with one that plays umpteen different tunes. We have been ringing the doorbell just to hear it. So if you came by my home and we did not answer the door, we were not hiding from you.IMG_0003

I realized while I was working yesterday that my motivation is to do what’s right because it is right and to do it right. I don’t care if anyone will ever see. I know and God knows so I will try to do my very best with the time available to me. I don’t want to obsess but to pursue excellence as a way of life in order to glorify God. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

I am now headed upstairs and will work around the back bedroom dealing with each area as I come to it. I will be purging, and organizing. I have been purging and organizing for over thirty years so it has gotten easier but it never ends because stuff keeps coming into our homes. The stuff gets worn out, or is used for a season and then no longer needed. Clothes somehow get too small or even sometimes too big—I need to let them go if I will not be that size in the immediate future.

Summer and Paul and the boys will be here in less than a month and I want to be ready so I can totally focus on them while they are here and not shopping, errands, cleaning or cooking. We will have Thanksgiving and Christmas at our home that weekend. I am excited.

Love and Hugs,



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