Today is Monday the third day of November 2014

This is a fresh new day for you and the first weekday of the month.

What can you do today to make your relationship with God a little better?

What can you do today to make your relationship with your husband a little better?

What can you do today to help your children be better people? More loving, more skillful, more honest, more faithful, more of what God wants them to be.

What can you do today to encourage another person?

How can you respond to the opportunities God places in your pathway? Today

I have given the first of my day to prayer, reading my devotional that leads to place my focus on Jesus, and preparing my home for the day.

This week my Area of Focus is my Living Room.

In your area of focus begin near the door and work around the room. Set a timer for however much time you have decided to give. If I enter from the kitchen the first thing I encounter is my magazine basket. I will quickly go through the basket and cull out older magazines. I have realized I am not reading most of the magazines I receive so I am not renewing the subscriptions, no matter how good the deal.

The next thing I come to is the table that holds the television. I open each drawer and make sure it is in order and only contains what belongs there. I work around the room with focus racing my timer and ready to pick up in the next area tomorrow.

Today is Monday, I will clean the toilets and make note of anything that I need –Toilet paper? Shampoo? Moisturizer? Whatever! Do not wait until you have used the last drop. While you are checking for what you need, how about shaking each of the bottles in your shower and getting rid of any that are empty. The only things in your shower should be what you use. One useful thing in your shower is daily shower spray. If this spray is used after each shower, your shower will stay clean. I like the Method Daily Shower Spray but I also have a recipe to share with you:

Daily Shower Spray

  • This cleaner is a two to one mixture of All Purpose Cleaner and isopropyl alcohol.
  • To make a gallon put 8 ounces of all-purpose cleaner into a gallon container (bucket, milk jug).
  • (My favorite is Mrs. Meyers. They are animal and kid friendly and have wonderful scents but are a little pricey. Choose an All Purpose cleaner that has a nice scent because this is what your bathroom will smell like.)
  • Add the alcohol -16 ounces and then add water to fill up to a gallon.
  • Pour into spray bottle(s)
  • Begin with a clean shower to have the best effect. Spray on daily after your shower.

Daily use should prevent water deposits and soap scum from accumulating.

The shower organizer in our bathroom. Note the brass squeegee. Keeping the soap scum from building up in your shower will save time and effort.
The shower organizer in our bathroom. 

The shower organizer was in the way when it was hung from the shower head. I attached a hook at the other end of the tub and now our shower toiletries are in easy reach. The brass squeegee is for wiping down the shower walls after my shower.

Roy finished painting our bedroom this weekend and we put the room back into order together. I am giving him a break today and letting him set his own schedule. He has been working on our home for four months and I appreciate him and his work so much. He has done an incredible job.

Tomorrow is Duster Dance Day and I am looking forward to it!

Prepare tonight for tomorrow by

  • Setting up for breakfast
  • Laying out your clothes and the clothes of anyone you dress
  • Walking through your home before bed and putting it into order.
  • Help your children to develop the habit of putting their room and things in order for tomorrow before bedtime and they will wake up in a clean and orderly room knowing what they will wear. If they are going out the door make sure that backpacks are by the door with notes signed and money for lunch and anything else needed in place.
  • Encourage your children to make their beds in the morning by making yours. It will make a world of difference in your home.

Love and Hugs,



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