Today is Wednesday the fifth day of November 2014.

IMG_0001Your Area of Focus is Your Living Room. Take 15 minutes to bring an area in your Living Room into order.

Wednesday is Desk Day so take time to deal with any family business.

  • Are there any calls to be made?
  • Are there any letters or emails to answer?
  • Are there any bills to be paid?
  • After you are finished dealing with any papers either file them in the filing cabinet or file them in the waste basket. If you do not have a reason to ever refer to that piece of paper again, throw it out.

While Wednesday is Desk Day take time each day to deal with your mail. I open my mail near the wastebasket and toss anything I do not need. Use an Action File for mail that needs your attention:

  • To Doimage
  • To Pay
  • To Read
  • To File

Mark any events on your calendar whenever mail with dates of upcoming events that affect you. Shred any credit card offers or any piece of mail with personal information on it or at least rip it into teeny tiny pieces.

When your children bring calendars or other time-sensitive  papers home in their backpack—get those dates on your calendar.

While there is a specific time each week for dusting, vacuuming, cleaning out your car, cleaning out your purse, do not wait for that day to keep up with these tasks. Maintain your work. Don’t clean and organize an area and then walk away and let it go to seed. Use the day you regularly complete a task to make sure the work is up to date but then keep it orderly.


Mary P


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