Today is Thursday the sixth of November 2014

imageAgain I am putting this together the evening before because tomorrow I am sharing morning and evening with Apples of Gold, a women’s study based on Titus 2. I am sharing about hospitality and will talk about many of the strategies for caring for my home and family that I share with you each day as well as my personal testimony.

The Area of Focus is the Living Room/Family Room

Lower shelf of hall table
Lower shelf of hall table and the entry floor

Thursday is Floor Day and if your living areas have hard floors this is the day to give special attention to those floors while you are sweeping and mopping the other hard floors in your home.

We are in a time frame when the holidays become our prime focus. I will be preparing for my daughter’s family’s arrival on the 25th. I thought we had suspended painting until January but Roy reversed course and is going to start painting the back bedroom tomorrow. The room is in order but many things are stored in there so I am focused on being flexible and supportive.

Yesterday I ironed the sheets that go on the bed in the guest room. I ironed them because they are cotton and looked like an accordion. I took time to make the bed as nicely as I could. I will be cooking and shopping and wrapping gifts over the next couple of weeks so we will be ready for them when they arrive and I will not have to spend all my time on regular daily tasks. We will be celebrating Christmas two days after Thanksgiving when our son comes home. The six nights and seven days they will be with us will be busy but fun.

Roast Turkey and StuffingOur menu for their visit:

Wednesday evening –Chili with Cornbread (Grilled Cheese for Michael and Nicholas)

Thursday—Breakfast Casserole for Breakfast

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner in the Early Afternoon

Friday—Hot Turkey Sandwiches with Mashed Potatoes

Saturday—Heavy Appetizers

Sunday—Spaghetti and Meatballs

Monday—Grilled Pork Chops and Corn

Tuesday—Dinner on the Way to the Airport

I will have breakfast foods available for each morning and sandwich meats, veggies and chips for lunches.

Groceries will be in our home before they arrive and I will be making the spaghetti sauce, some side dishes and breakfast casserole ahead of time so I can pull them out of the fridge or freezer as needed. Knowing ahead of time what we will be eating and having the ingredients to prepare the food keeps us from those last minute trips for fast food and saves time and money.

Bottom line: Don’t wait until the last moment to prepare for something. Think ahead. Shop ahead. Work ahead.

Love and Hugs,



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