Today is Friday the seventh day of November 2014.

IMG_0003Today is the day I wrap up this first week of the month. I will put my car in order. I will make sure my purse and wallet are in order. I will vacuum the traffic areas in my home but in my Area of Focus for this first week—the Living Room—I will take time to do a thorough job of vacuuming. I will vacuum under, around and behind the furniture. I will vacuum the tops of the drapes. I will vacuum under the cushions of the couch and loveseat.
Yesterday I shared on home organization and time management with a Bible study based on Titus 2. My topic is hospitality. Central to all I do in my home is that I do not clean for company. I clean, declutter, organize, and care for my home for my family and myself. I want each of us to have a welcoming and pleasant place to be. I have come to recognize that having my home as a welcoming and pleasant place to be has to do with my attitude. If my home is spotless and orderly as well as lovely but I am so engrossed in perfection that I don’t want anyone to touch anything, I am missing the mark. Life happens in homes, we teach our children to pick up after themselves so our homes will remain pleasant places to live but we teach in love with a spirit of joy and peace. It is a challenge but it is a worthwhile challenge.

When I and the other mentors share at that Bible Study, we bring things from our home. I took scrapbooks, and some of the tools I use to declutter, clean, and organize. When I arrived home last night I left most of those things in the car because it was dark and rainy. The first task on my list this morning it to take the bags out of my car and return the items to their homes in my home. I also had a meeting yesterday that I took my tote for that organization to that meeting. I need to go through that tote and make sure than everything is in order. I took a book to show to a friend who is looking for a resource and that book now needs to back into the bookcase. I hang my totes on hangers in the closet in my office. In the next meeting in January, I will know exactly where my materials are despite the two month lapse of time.IMG_0011

So I guess what I am trying to share with you this morning is to remember why you are trying to create and keep an orderly, clean, and welcoming home—not as a showcase for your decorating and organizing—but as a home and sanctuary for the people who live there. I also want to share that small strategies done consistently will make your life so much easier.

Love and Hugs,

Saturday is Family Fun Day–work and play as a family.

Sunday is Worship and Planning Day–worship as a family and then coordinate your week. Get all the family’s activities for the next few weeks on the calendar and make a note of any clothes or anything else that will be needed for those activities.

Our Area of Focus for the next week (8th-14th) is the Kitchen.

Monday Launch Your Week by cleaning your toilets and checking to see what cleaning, personal care, and paper products you will need to buy when you shop. Add those items to your list. Do not trust your memory. This will save you time and money by avoiding repeat trips to whatever store you shop.


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