I appreciate the 20 years of military service my husband gave as a warrant officer in the Army. I also appreciate the more than 27 years he worked after that as a Logistics Specialist for the Army/Department of Defense. His heart was always to make sure the soldiers in the field had what they needed to get the job done. Thank you, Roy, and I love you. I also appreciate the military spouses who have stuck it out and supported their man. (Yes, I appreciate that there are women service member and I appreciate their service and their sacrifice but my audience is primarily women.)

imageOur Area of Focus remains our Kitchen through Friday. Think ahead. In a couple of weeks we will be preparing Thanksgiving Dinner in our Kitchen. What can we do now to make it easier? Next week I will be making my grandmother’s recipe for Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs so I can freeze it and share it with my family while they are here for the holidays. Remember that your oven is often needed for more than the turkey so figure out a time table and note the temperatures each item (Turkey, casseroles, rolls, pies) will need. This can be a real juggling act! Figure it out ahead of time and write it down.

When I get up I

  • Make my bed
  • Get dressed and groomed.
  • Put each room in order as I pass through it. (Usually just gathering laundry and putting it in the laundry area, picking up trash, plumping pillows, gathering any dishes that have escaped from the kitchen and adding them to the dishwasher. This should take less than 10 minutes especially if you have done your bedtime walk through)
  • I look at my To Do List and CalendarIMG_0023
  • While I make my coffee, I put anything in the kitchen that is out of place back where it belongs.
  • And then (ta dah!) Quiet Time.
    • I read my devotional (Every Day Begins with Jesus by Shawn Franco)
    • I read a small portion of a book (The Holy Spirit by Billy Graham)
    • I pray using Stormie Omartian’s prayer cards to keep me focused.
    • I read a chapter in the Bible.
  • Something to eat and on to my day.
  • It is 7:45. I am dressed. My home is in good basic order. I have started my day with my focus on the Lord. Feeling a sense of joy and peace.
  • Today is Veterans’ Day. My focus is Roy, my veteran.
  • I am hanging the pictures in my bedroom now that it is freshly painted.
  • Roy and I are gathering the items that need to go to the Thrift Store from our garage. I will take pictures so I will remember what we donated for tax purposes.
  • I have dry cleaning to pick up and hope to do a little more Christmas shopping because we are celebrating while my chicks are home on the 29th. Christmas is more a state of mind and heart than a day on the calendar.

What do you need to get done today? This week? In the next couple of weeks? Refresh your To Do List and attack it a little at a time.

In all you do remember why you are doing it and do only good to and for the people in your life—in attitude, in words, in your actions.

Love and Hugs,



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