Each Monday clean your toilets and while you are in your bathrooms take a minute to check your personal, paper, and cleaning supplies. Do you have enough to last a week?Shake those bottles in your tub/shower area. Are they empty? Toss them. Are they unused for some reason or other? Get them out of that prime real estate and give them away, re-purpose, or toss them.

Area Of Focus
IMG_0071From the 15th to the 21st of each month the Area of Focus for your home is your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. This area of your home should be your sanctuary, not your dumping zone. Begin to make it one of the most pleasant and welcoming places in your home. Get rid of the clutter, put the room in order, clean it, and make it lovely.

Don’t attempt to organize clutter. Get rid of it. Cleaning an orderly room is so much easier.

Each day of the month in your bedroom:
• Make the bed
• Put away your clothes, shoes, and accessories
• Put the tops of your dresser(s), and nightstand(s) in order.
Don’t ask your children to take care of their room if you are not taking care of yours. I am not saying don’t ask your children to take care of their rooms. I am asking you to set the example.

My dad would occasionally say “Don’t do as I do. Do as I say.” That didn’t really fly with me. I don’t think it will fly with our children either. If you are asking someone to do something, lead by example.

Everything in our home should be useful or beautiful. We don’t have space for trash, things that are broken, and things that make us miserable. Throw it away, give it away, put it where it belongs or return to owner.

Roast Turkey and StuffingThanksgiving is next week. Do whatever you can to prepare so that you can be relaxed enough to enjoy your family and friends. Think ahead. What can I do now to be prepared? What do I need so I don’t have to make a last minute trip to the store? What clothes will we be wearing? Do they fit? Are they clean? Are they in good repair?

Today I will be heading over to Lowe’s to get a carpet cleaning machine. I need to get all the stuff that settled into our carpets while Roy has been working so hard out of the carpets before it begins to think of the carpet as a permanent home.
On Wednesday through Friday I will decorate for Christmas because we are celebrating Christmas while Summer and Paul and the boys are here. I have purchased about half of our Christmas presents. Dollar Tree is a wonderful place to buy gift bags and tissue. I could not find all the pajamas I wanted to give to my grands at Target or Kohl’s so I went online toDisney.com and found the current favorites (Frozen and Big Hero 6).
We will have a big week next week. We pick up Summer and family in the morning of the 25th after picking up a minivan from Enterprise that Summer has reserved. Thursday is Thanksgiving. Friday Summer and Paul will get together with old friends from our area. Saturday morning I am making a breakfast casserole and we will celebrate Christmas. Saturday evening we will have spaghetti and meatballs and celebrate Nicholas’ birthday with a cake and balloons. Sunday we will worship as a family and then head to Christmastown at Busch Gardens for the day. Monday is open and Tuesday they head back to Utah. I am thinking seriously of going back with them so I can take care of the boys during Christmas break and be there for their Christmas programs as well as babysit while Summer and Paul go to holiday parties.

Yesterday afternoon, I made chili, and homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs and froze it for when Summer and family are here. I made enough so our son can take some home with him and we can all have dinner and leftovers. Leftover spaghetti and chili are both better the next day.

Summer’s family’s visit will last until the 2nd of December. I have programmed all of the beginning of the month bills into Bill Pay on our bank’s website.

All this comes down to is thinking ahead. It saves time and money and often embarrassment. Everything may not always flow smoothly now but it goes much better than it did when I was not thinking ahead.
Love and Hugs,


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