One of my favorite dusters is a paintbrush! It's great for lampshades and getting into cracks and crevices. Make sure the bristles are soft
One of my favorite dusters is a paintbrush! It’s great for lampshades and getting into cracks and crevices. Make sure the bristles are soft

Dust happens. When left to build up it becomes harder and harder to remove as it combines with the moisture in the air and forms a film. Some dusters do not work. If you have a chicken feather duster, walk directly to your waste basket and drop it in. Chicken feather dusters do not work and only move the dust around. Ostrich feather dusters do work, as well as lambs’ wool, Swiffers, and Norwex microfiber cloths. A slightly damp cloth with another soft, dry, lint free cloth for drying work well. There is a duster for every personality and budget. You are going to have to dust sooner or later or be subject to a sneeze filled life and children with breathing difficulties. I will say the same things again and again—Make It Fun! Put on some music. Get your little helpers (aka children) to help you and dance the dust out the door.  You do well what you enjoy and you enjoy what you do well. If you are having fun it will be over before you know it—almost too soon.

Your Area of Focus until Friday is your bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Give an extra special effort to dusting in your Area of Focus. Remember the tops of the drapes, in behind your headboard, your ceiling fan—search out all the nooks and crannies and make them dust free. Children are just the right height for baseboards and furniture legs. Send them after the dust monster—to banish them from your kingdom.

Roy and I cleaned carpets in our home yesterday. We are reasonably clean and neat people but it never ceases to amaze me how much dirt comes out of our carpets. Emptying the water from the dirty water reservoir was enlightening.  I can say the water is not as dirty as it was when we had small children.

We rented a Rug Doctor from Lowe’s and the carpet shampoo Roy brought home smells lovely—Linen and Sky Febreze. It cost much less than I remember it costing. The carpet cleaner, wand for the stairs, and shampoo were $41.95 after a $5.00 coupon I had. Doing things ourselves becomes more and more appealing. DIY saves money.

Vacuuming the house is today’s first task. Believe me it will be thorough and I will not have to do it again on Friday.

If you are having trouble seeing the clutter in your rooms—take pictures. Somehow the things that blend into the landscape in your home, stand out a little more in pictures.

My DeskTomorrow is Desk Day—make sure your To Do List is up to date so you can tackle any family business items you have been avoiding. Those things don’t go away and only get worse.

Love and Hugs,



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