Today, Annie with my grandson Brayden as Mr. Warbucks will open at Thomas Dale High School in Chester, Virginia. The performances are at 7:00 pm each evening on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Tickets are $10 at the door. Come early for a good seat.  I am so eager to see him and hear him sing other than in the shower.

Back to Floor Day—Today is my day to clean my hard floors. With Thanksgiving and the visit of Summer’s family next week I intend to do a really good job of it today. I will sweep, vacuum up whatever I sweep up and into the corners where the broom doesn’t reach as well. I will then mop the linoleum floor in the kitchen, powder room, and bathrooms and the hardwood in the entry and dining room.

My turkey will be leaving the freezer on Saturday so it will be thoroughly defrosted so I can brine it on Wednesday. Under any circumstances check to see how long your turkey will take to defrost in the fridge. It takes DAYS. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Have you written down the menu for your Thanksgiving Dinner? Have you listed the ingredients you need for each dish? Do you know who is bringing what and have a backup plan just in case life happens?

We will have thirteen people around our table next Thursday and I do not believe in luck I believe in Jesus. Michael (6) and Nicholas(about to be 4) will be at the breakfast bar close at hand to mom and dad. Brayden(14), Kobe(11), and Jade (19) will be at a lovely table in the living room, and Summer and Paul, Amy and Chris, our son Kent, Chris’ mom Jeanette, and Roy and I will be at the Dining Room table. I have counted chairs, plates, silver, and know that we have enough for everyone. I will make floral centerpieces ahead of time for each table, and do something fun on the breakfast bar for the boys.

We put up the Christmas tree yesterday. I found a large number of Boyd’s Bears at my neighbors’ yard sale a Bears on Treefew years ago and decided to use them on the tree this year. My husband says it looks like a Christmas tree in a magazine and he is never very free with compliments so I feel good about how it looks. I Tree 2014also have special ornaments from years past, cranberry colored balls of different types, sparkling snowflakes and ribbon on the tree. I am a big fan of gift bags now and like the variety and price at Dollar Tree. I made the gift tags and most gifts are under the tree. I know it’s early but we are celebrating when everyone is here—a week from Saturday and then going to Christmastown as a family on Sunday afternoon. I am making a sausage egg casserole and hot fruit for breakfast on Saturday morning. I think I’ve covered this before.

Our Area of Focus this week is our Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. My Grandma Lyons used to say, “ By the mile it’s a trial, by the inch it’s a cinch.”  I have found life to be so much easier doing a little continually instead of letting everything go and then putting in major effort to try to achieve order and sanitary standards. My husband is still dozing upstairs as I write this but I checked each room this morning to make sure they were in order. (Yes, I like a before bedroom walk through but someone is up after I am and I like to make sure nothing has changed.) Today is trash day so I gathered the trash from each room. I started a load of laundry upstairs before I came down and  I started the dishwasher when I got downstairs. My appliances are working as I write this. I put the ingredients into my bread machine for the first rising and will have fresh bread in a couple of hours. I am freezing bread so that while we are celebrating the holidays I will have bread available, even if I don’t have time to bake. When Roy gets up I will make the bed. I am waiting to make the bed that Michael and Nicholas will be using because Kobe and Brayden also use it when they are here and I want them to know they are welcome to stay this weekend if they care to. If the bed was already waiting for the other boys that would tell them if they spend the night I would have to wash the sheets again. Monday is soon enough.

I always try to make each bed as clean, inviting, and comfortable when I make it. By using hospital corners and ironing the edges of the sheet where I turn it over the blanket  and the pillowcases the bed looks and feels lovely. I have cotton sheets that look like an accordion otherwise. The bottom sheet is tight enough so any wrinkles disappear when I put it on. I always try to have an extra blanket on the foot of the bed or nearby in case it gets cold during the night.

Little touches like the extra blanket, a night light, tissue in the room, and considering anything else your loved ones might need are always welcome.

Well, keep praying for just the right job for our son, safe travel for our loved ones and everyone else who will be traveling next week, for Brayden as he performs the next few nights, and for all of us to have kind words and loving hearts as we spend time together.

Love and Hugs,



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