Each Monday—

  • Clean Your Toilets
  • Check Your Bathroom for Any Needed Supplies—cleaning, paper, and personal products

Roast Turkey and StuffingAn Area of Focus This Week Is Preparing for Thanksgiving. The Usual Area of Focus This Week from (21st to the 28th) is the Dining Room, Front Porch, and Entry

These areas are the areas where your home gives its first impression to visitors.

  • Step off your front porch and look at the front of your home. What are the things you and other family members have left lying around that you don’t really see anymore.
  • Clear any clutter from around your front door.
  • If some decorative items like wreaths or flags have seen better days it may be time to clean, fix, refresh or toss them. If your wreath has an Easter Bunny on it, put it away for a few months.
  • Is your front door clean? Wipe it down. Some Pledge may renew the color and add a little gloss.

In Your Entry—

  • Is there room for guests’ coats? If there are excess coats on your hall tree or in your closet move them to another closet, like the closet of the person they belong to. Coats are needed this time of year for people who do not have serviceable winter coats. Are there any you can donate/
  • Work your way around the room. Put away anything that does not belong in your entry way.
  • Put the room in good general order – Tomorrow (Tuesday) you will dust. The floors will not receive attention on Thursday so if they need a little attention work it in in the next three days.
A shelf from my china cabinet
A shelf from my china cabinet

In Your Dining Room—

  • You can set your table ahead of time when you have time if your
    My China Cabinet
    My China Cabinet

    Dining Room table won’t be used before Thursday. Let your children help you create something lovely. Place candles and stemmed glassware on their sides so they won’t be knocked over and broken and cover the table with a sheet to keep the table dust free.

  • Put away any clutter that does not belong in your Dining Room.
  • Again, Put the room in good general order – Tomorrow (Tuesday) you will dust. The floors will not receive attention on Thursday so if they need a little attention work it in in the next three days.

Thanksgving Day—

  • Is your plan set for Thursday?
    • Time—We are having dinner at about 1:30. I will expect everyone about 1:00/
    • Seating—We will be using the breakfast bar for the two youngest and their parents will be seated near them. I am using place cards. We will also have a table in the Living Room for three of the grandchildren who are old enough to not need supervision. The Dining Room table will have 8 adults gathered around it. We will say grace together as a family before we fill our plates and spread out the appropriate table. We have enough chairs for everyone and I will ask Roy to bring in the card table from the garage so I can wipe it down ahead of time.
    • I have some nice aprons available for myself and anyone who cares to help.
  • Is your menu set for Thursday? Does everyone know what they are contributing? I started asking over a month ago and have only gotten some answers in the past week. Make your shopping list and check it twice.
  • What shopping do you need to do before Thursday?
  • What cooking can you do before Thursday? Cranberry sauce? Pies or other dessert? Salads? Potatoes? Do not stuff your turkey ahead of time. That is a recipe for food poisoning. You can put your stuffing together and stuff the turkey just before roasting.
  • We moved our turkey from the freezer to the fridge on Saturday. I will brine the turkey on Wednesday after we get back from the airport. Don’t wait till the last minute to start defrosting your turkey. It will have a frozen center—not a happy thing.
  • What are your family member’s plans—worship, parade, football games? I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving. If we create a need for retailers to be open it will cause the people who work in the stores to be away from their families. I can wait for a few hours.

We are having chili for dinner on Wednesday evening. The chili has already been cooked and frozen. It will go into the crock pot in the morning. I have plenty of breakfast foods on hand. I have healthy snacks and drinks in the house for my grands and the rest of the family.

Think ahead. What can you do today to make tomorrow and this week a little easier?

Brayden (my grandson) was more than wonderful in his performances as Daddy Warbucks in Annie this weekend. He had a cold and sore throat and we pampered him through it with plenty of hot tea with honey, and some other strategies we learned from friends. He made it through and wowed everyone. Most people did not know he could sing and act. He’s always been my star and now I think he shines for many more people.

Love and Hugs,



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