Today put on some happy music, grab your favorite duster and dance the dust out the door. This is the last task I have to do before my daughter and her family arrive tomorrow.  Yay!

The Hall Tree in Our Entry
The Hall Tree in Our Entry

The Area of Focus this week includes the Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room. Make sure these areas are clutter free, orderly, clean, and pleasant.  Remember this is Duster Dance Day so take care to polish the furniture because it is Tuesday.

My To Do List is BARE!!!

Roy and I have been working steadily for months to refresh our home. Every room except for my office and the back bedroom has been painted. We will tackle those rooms and the woodwork in January. We also plan to replace the vanity tops in the upstairs bathrooms in January. I also want to have the carpet stretched in a couple of areas and would love to have the hardwood floors refinished.

Hall tree open
Cookbooks and the Safe with Our Important Documents are Inside the Bench of the Hall Tree

Every room has been decluttered, put in order, cleaned, and made as comfortable as I could. We have cleaned carpets and upholstered furniture. Our family Christmas presents have been bought and are under the tree. The menus are planned, groceries purchased and put away including healthy snacks for my grandchildren and adult children. Each of the guest rooms has plenty of pillows, extra blankets, a night light, and a waste basket. The beds are freshly made.

I want to stress that this took time and steady effort.  I am not bragging—I am simply grateful that Roy’s and my work has reached a resting place. My To Do List for the next week is loving my family and giving them all my attention.  Things will pop up next week to populate my To Do List but I will enjoy this time.

Yesterday my son purchased Christmas gifts for his sisters and brothers-in-law and their children. Since my To Do List is empty I will help him wrap gifts this morning. That is one of the luxuries when you think and work ahead, you have time to help others.

I plan to post as usual but my family will take priority so here is an overview for the next several days:

Wednesday—Desk Day—are there any bills or family business that need to be taken care of before the end of November, beginning of December? Are there any papers that need to be filed or put away? Remember, do not store papers in grocery bags—someone may mistake it for trash and take it out.

Thursday—Thanksgiving Day—Be as ready as you can to enjoy this day celebrating God’s gifts to us.  Relationships areRoast Turkey and Stuffing more important than perfection. Roll with whatever the day presents.

Friday—put your home back into order—don’t leave serving pieces, pots and pans and other things from Thanksgiving lying around. Put them away. Friday is the last day with the Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room as your Area of Focus.

The Area of Focus for Saturday is your family bath. If you did not work the bathroom into your schedule earlier this month before the holiday, reserve 30-45 minutes to clean and put your Family Bath(s) in order.

Saturday is Family Fun Day—Work or play together as a family. We will be having our family Christmas celebration Saturday morning and then celebrate Nicholas’ 4th birthday in the evening.

Sunday we will worship as a family and go to Christmastown at Busch Gardens.

Monday will be the 1st of December. The Area of Focus will be the Living Room/Family Room from the 1st to the 7th.  On Mondays Clean your toilets and check the bathrooms for any needed supplies—personal, paper, and cleaning.

On Tuesday you will have the great joy of dusting again—Duster Dance Day. Make it fun.

So if I have time you will see me here but if not I hope to be back by next Wednesday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Much love and many hugs,



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