The Coat Closet
The Coat Closet

Wednesday is the day to catch up with your paperwork, bills, and other family business.

  • Pay bills
  • Bring any and all issues you can up to date—Make phone calls, write notes, pay bills, and
  • File

The Area of Focus this week is the Living Room/Family Room. How are your windows? Are they clean? Are your curtains or drapes clean? Do they need to be dusted, vacuumed or laundered? Don’t forget to dust the frames and blinds.

My China Cabinet
My China Cabinet

A week ago my house was very clean, organized, and orderly. Even this morning before Summer and Paul began to pack, the house looked fine and the laundry was up to date. When we got back from the airport –wow! My house is such a mess! But what an opportunity! Tomorrow I will try to take pictures before I put each area into order so you can see some befores and afters. The sheets and towels need to be washed as well as the linens from our holiday celebrations—Nick’s 4th birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It may take a day—it may take a few days but the house will be back in order and my very talented son will help me with some projects while he looks for a job.

I will follow my plan for a quick cleanup.

  • First I will walk through the house and collect all the laundry—this includes stripping the beds my guests have been using and the towels from their bathroom. I will sort the laundry and start a load. I will set an alarm on my phone for when the load will need to be moved from the washer to the dryer.
  • Next I will collect any dishes that are scattered throughout the house, load the dishwasher and start the load of dishes.
  • Then I will take a trash bag and walk through the house and collect any trash including the trash in the wastebaskets
    Laundry Area
    Laundry Area

    and the trash on any flat surface.

  • Then beginning by the front door I will put each area in order. In each area I will place anything that does not belong in that area near the door and put them away when I move to the next area. I know I can do each area in less than 15 minutes but I am going to use my timer to keep me moving and focused.
  • As each area is clean and orderly I will dust and vacuum the room and move to the next. If an area takes more than 15 minutes I will move on to the next area and return to that area.
  • Each hour I will take a 15 minute break, drink a glass of water, and plan my next hour.
  • I will keep my laundry moving from the washer to the dryer to folded and put away.

I have a plan I can focus on. I can work my plan. If I had little ones in my home I would have an additional challenge but I would give them regular attention and give them small missions to help me:

  • Dusting lower places (I did not dust yesterday because of all the packing activity. It would have been a waste of time.)
  • Matching socks
  • Folding washcloths and towels
  • Collecting trash
  • Whatever jobs are appropriate for their age and skill level—make it fun.

If you have no plan, if you have no focus, you will not accomplish as much as if you do have a plan and focus on that plan.

Keep your notepad/notebook or whatever you keep your lists on handy and make note of large projects that would be a distraction today as well as anything that needs to go onto your shopping list.

Love and Hugs,


My desk work is up to date but I will still take an additional 15 minutes during the day to make sure that my paperwork is in order.


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