imageEach Thursday clean your floors. The whole idea is having a time each week to deal with tasks. This does not mean you cannot do these things at other times. You can and should clean out your car or your purse, regularly, but on Friday it becomes a focus. If your floors need attention, give them attention. Wipe up spills as they occur. If you are having a gathering at your home and you feel your floors need attention, give them attention. BUT on Thursday take a few minutes to sweep and mop them. I have a Norwex floor system and the first time I used it I felt like I must be doing something wrong because I was finished so quickly. What works for you? What will help you keep your floors clean? Do you have doormats by each of your doors? If you keep much of the dirt out, you are ahead in the battle.

This week’s Area of Focus is the Kitchen. Give special attention to your kitchen floor today. Don’t forget the baseboards.

Do you have a Household Notebook?

A Household Notebook with all the information needed to keep your home running smoothly even  or especially in your absence

  • You will need a looseleaf notebook, dividers with pockets, and page protectors.
  • Contents:
    • Emergency Telephone Numbers
    • Household Instructions
      • When is the Trash picked up?
      • When is the recycling picked up?
      • Do you participate in any carpools? What are the phone numbers of the other drivers in the pool?
      • Any regular occurences—we have a whole house generator that tests itself each week—very noisily! I have included that information in my household instructions
    • Cleaning Checklists—checklists for each room in my home and how often I do each task.
    • Cycle menu
    • Special Occasions List—check this each month so you can have cards or gifts for family or close friends.
    • A list of bank cards—I change the card number so I know what the numbers are but anyone finding this page would not be able to use the numbers.
    • Instructions/manuals for appliances
    • What to do if . . .

Don’t forget to have a Master To Do List. Very early This morning I walked from room to room with a notepad to make note of anything I needed to do and anything I need to buy. Then I transferred some of the tasks to my planner. I made a list to share with my husband and my son. I listed all the Christmas gifts I need to buy. (Our family celebrated over the Thanksgiving weekend so I have a short list and much of it is who I want to bake bread and cinnamon rolls for.)

I always get so much more done when I have a To Do List. When I don’t keep it up to date I flounder. Get what you need to do done early and then you will have free time to enjoy or be ready when something emerges—like an emergency.

Begin to put your notebook together and let family and friends know that if they need emergency phone numbers, or information on your home and routine, it can be found there. Keep it on your desk or in some place where it will be easy to find. I use my phone for many things now but having a written copy will be useful not only for me but for others.

Love and Hugs,



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