Saturday is Family Fun Day—whether you work or play together as a family make it fun.

Sunday is the wedding ring on our week—reminding us of our covenant relationship with God. It’s a time of worship and rest. It is a day for family and friends. I try to avoid shopping, errands, and cleaning on Sunday. I make my bed and wash the dishes but I avoid doing laundry, ironing, dusting, cleaning floors, and decluttering. I pick up after myself and encourage my loved ones to do the same but again Sunday is a day of rest.

On Sunday we coordinate our week’s activities together and make sure activities are on the calendar. Are any special clothes needed for any of the activities? Is any food needed for any of the activities? Are we going to prepare the food from scratch or buy it? Are there any scheduling conflicts? Who needs rides? When and where?

The Area of Focus for this next week beginning on Monday is our Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. (December 15th to the 21st.)

Cleaning Checklists:

Master Bedroom Checklist

DSCN0056Work from Top to Bottom and around the room in whichever direction you want.

  • Is your bed made? (D)
  • Are there cobwebs that need to be removed?(M)
  • Are there any burnt out bulbs in the light fixtures?(M)
  • Do the light fixtures need to be cleaned?(M)
  • Are the ceiling fans clean?(M)
  • Are the windows and window treatments clean?(M)
  • Is the woodwork and walls free of fingerprints and marks?(M)
  • Are the sheets clean? (W)The duvet? The dust ruffle? The Mattress pad?(M)
  • Are the surfaces (night tables, dressers, tables) free of clutter?(D)
  • Does the furniture need to be polished?(M) Dusted?(W)
  • Are your drawers and cabinets in order?(M)
  • What’s under the bed?(M)
My half of our closet --Roy's half is just fine, too.
My half of our closet –Roy’s half is just fine, too.

The Closet:

  • Are the shelves in order?(M)
  • Are the hanging clothes in order, clean, in good repair?(M)
  • Are the shoes in order?(M)
  • Are there items stored in your closet that should/could be stored elsewhere like the attic?(M)
  • Does the floor need to be dust mopped or vacuumed? Does the carpet need to be shampooed or spot cleaned?(M)

DSCN0054Cleaning Checklist for Your Bath

  • Wash Area Rug—also toilet seat cover, and shower curtain. (M)
  • Clean sink—I wipe mine out after each use (D)
  • Polish faucets (D)
  • Clean toilet (every Monday) (W)
  • Clean tub after every use. Clean and wax shower. -(Use car polish. DO NOT GET POLISH ON THE SHOWER FLOOR) (M/S)
  • Clean shower door—Lemon juice works. You can even slice a lemon and apply directly to the glass. It will cut soap scum and smell fresh, too. (M)
  • Clean mirror (W)
  • Polish countertop (W)
  • Clean cobwebs (M)
  • Clean window treatments (M or S)
  • Wash windows (M)
  • Vacuum fan grill (S)
  • Clean grout (M or EOM)
  • Wipe down woodwork, cabinets, baseboards, doors, door and window frames (M)
  • Clean blinds (M/S)
  • Clean out medicine cabinet (S)
  • Clean and organize cabinets and drawers (M)
  • Clean brushes and combs (M)
  • Clean scale (M)
  • Wash floors (Every Thursday)
  • Empty trash. (as needed)

We have defining moments in our lives. One of mine happened around 10 years ago. I often share this story. My grandson was about 3 or 4 years old. He asked me, “Who do you love most, Grandma?” In a God moment in my life I answered, “I love God most, Brayden.”  I know it wasn’t the answer he expected and he asked, “Why do you love God most, Grandma?”

“Because when I love God most, I can love you better.”

It’s true! When I love others as part of my loving God most, I do what is best for them, and not what is convenient and easy for me.  I love and respect them as God’s special creations and not for what they can do for me. I love them when they are wonderful and when they are not so wonderful.

Love and Hugs,



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