Fireplace with Christmas swagEach Monday Launch Your Week by

  • Putting Your Home Back in Order after the Weekend
  • Cleaning Your Toilets
  • Checking Your Bathroom for any Needed Supplies—Paper, Personal and Cleaning. Add those items to your shopping list.

The Area of Focus from the 15th to the 21st is Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet.

Sunday is my reset day.

  • I worship God and adjust my attitude.
  • I think about the week to come (plan) and coordinate with my daughter, my husband, my grands for anything they will need from me for the week. Everything is subject to change but I like to at least start out thinking I know where I am going.
  • I think of what needs to be done in my home as far as decluttering, organizing, and cleaning with a focus on my Area of Focus.
My planner
My planner

I write things down because:

  • I love checking off what I have accomplished (sometimes I will write something down so I can cross it off the list)
  • I get so much more done when I am focused
  • When I need to refocus and know what I want to do next, I check my list.

It’s Sunday evening so I am resetting my mind for the week. I am eager to get some things in our home ready for the new year. We had our main family celebration while our daughter and son-in-law were visiting so the rest of our Christmas celebration will be low key—mostly baking bread and cinnamon rolls for friends and friendly neighbors. There are some good movies coming out so I know I will be taking some of my grands to see them. I am looking forward to The Hobbit. We watched the first two Hobbit movies this weekend in together in anticipation of the release on Wednesday—we will probably go Friday afternoon after exams are over.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

When you have made progress whether it be part of a drawer, a room, or your entire house, maintain it. Don’t work hard and let it go. Do a little continually. When you see something out of place put it away or hand it to the person who took it out with instructions of where and how to put it away. I have always liked keeping a box for misplaced items (give fair warning) with tasks to redeem those items from the box. I saw a good example and shared it in My Heart’s at Home on Facebook.

  • Be fair.
  • Set the example.

Tomorrow is Tuesday the 16th of December. Tuesday is Duster Dance Day.

MP900382968Our main focus in December is Christmas but don’t let your home go. It’s not about having a home you can be proud of so much as having a lovely place for your family to live it. Having a lovely place includes having a loving attitude and teaching the life skills so your family will still have a lovely home when they are up and out of your home.

Love and Hugs,



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