imageToday’s SOAP is short and sweet. The Reading for today from the One Year Chronological Bible is Genesis 18:1-21:7. The reading includes a theophany which is a preincarnate appearance of the LORD. This takes place in Genesis 18:1-33.

SOAP for January 6,2015


Genesis 21:1 The LORD kept His word and did for Sarah exactly what He had promised.


The verb in Genesis 18:10 “I will return” means “to intervene in some’s life to change their destiny.”


God moves in our lives as He promises. I want to seek out the promises of God and take God at His word to watch how He works in my life and the lives of others.



Help me to take Your word. I believe You are good and that You do what is good and right. Intervene in my life and the lives of my husband and children and grandchildren and their spouses, my parents, my sisters and brothers and their families and send a message through us of Your goodness so that the world will see and know that You are and You are good.




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