Monday the 12th Day of January 2015—Launch Your Week by:

  • Putting Your Home in Order after the Weekend
  • Cleaning Your Toilets
  • Checking Your Bathroom for Any Needed Supplies—Personal, Paper, or Cleaning

The One Small Area for the Major Declutter is the Pantry

The Area of Focus through Wednesday is the Kitchen.

I like to use Weekly Areas of Focus
Week One     The Living Room/Family Room (1st-7th)

Week Two     The Kitchen (8th-14th)

Week Three  The Master Bedroom, Closet and En Suite (15th-21st)

Week Four     The Front Porch/Entry/Dining Room (22nd-28th)

Week Five      The Family Bathroom

Another alternative: A Daily Focus plan:

Monday—      Bathrooms/Toilets

Tuesday—      Front Porch, Entry and Errands/Dusting


Thursday       Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room/Floors

Friday—          Master Bedroom and Closet/Vacuuming/Car/Purse

Saturday—     Family Projects and Fun Day

Sunday—        Worship, Rest, and Plan

For Your Children

Gently inspect one child’s room each day. Give directions and encouragement, not criticism. Weekly inspections keep full blown disaster areas from developing. Insist beds be made daily.

Give the tasks in your life a place to live in your schedule and remember that work expands to fill the amount of time allotted for it. Get your work done first and quickly and then enjoy time with family and friends.

Love and Hugs,



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