I do not use the Pledge with the ostrich feather duster but only to restore gloss to areas like my front door when the paint loses its shine.
I do not use the Pledge with the ostrich feather duster but only to restore gloss to areas like my front door when the paint loses its shine.

Each Tuesday put on some happy music and swoosh the dust right out the door. Don’t forget to include any little helpers you have around in this activity.

The Area of Focus today and tomorrow is The Kitchen. The Area of Focus beginning on the 15th is The Master Bedroom, Closet, and Ensuite (your bathroom).

The One Small Area for today’s Major Declutter is the Refrigerator—think of your refrigerator as a cold closet

Tomorrow the One Small Area includes the cabinets where your Food Storage Containers and Pots and Pans are stored. Don’t keep containers without lids or pots and pans that are past their prime and have the coating peeling off them. Do you really want to eat Teflon? That said I have two Revereware pans that I have had for at least 43 years. Quality items last and don’t need to go.

Let’s Review Priorities

Priorities are whatever is most important to you. If you are living life apart from your priorities you will be constantly disappointed with the results. Your life will be managing you. You will not be managing your life.

For me my priorities are:

  • God
  • Roy
  • Children, grandchildren, parents and family
  • Friends
  • Everything else

If it appears I am not on the list, I am. In every one of these relationships, I am nurtured.

The other telling thing is my priorities are all relationships. My priorities are not stuff. Stuff only supports my life. Stuff is not my life.

In support of priorities we set goals. If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time. Aim higher. Aim to grow in relationship with God, your husband, your children, and grandchildren, family and friends.

Goals are specific. For instance, a specific goal will state what, how, and when. It’s not “I want to develop a Quiet Time.” It is “I want to spend the first 15 minutes of my day focused on God by reading the Bible and praying. I will have this quiet time at 6:30 in my favorite chair in the Living Room. I will keep a Bible, pen, and notebook in a basket near my chair.  I will begin with the gospel of John and read a chapter a day. I will write down one observation, question or thought in my notebook. I will keep a prayer list in my notebook that notes both request and answers to prayer. I commit to doing this at least 5 days a week. This is something I plan to do for the rest of my life.”


Not “I want to lose 10 pounds.” But “I want to lose 10 pounds in the next two months (March 12) by losing a pound a week. I will write down all that enters my mouth down to a mint, piece of candy or a stick of gum. I will drink a glass of water 15 minutes before dinner or whenever I feel hungry. I will not eat after 7 p.m. I will focus on avoiding sugars and artificial sweeteners. I will weigh myself weekly on Monday morning at 6 a.m.”

Your goals will support your priorities and may include relationship goals, like a Quiet Time as part of supporting my relationship with God. What are your goals in supporting your relationship with God and the others who are important in your life?

My goals may also be

  • Physical: Maintain a healthy weight, be physically active, care for my teeth.
  • Intellectual: keep up on current events, read three nonfiction books a year, learn a language.
  • Financial: give 10%, save 10%, live debt free on the other 80%
  • Recreational: Have a fun day with family once a week, take a family vacation (crossover with financial goal—pre-save for family vacation by setting aside $? a week.)
  • Creative—learn to paint, arrange flowers, make cards
  • Home: Do a whole house declutter, update bathroom, have my home clean before I leave for the day or by 10 am, teach my children to care for their room and possessions and help with home care. (cross over with relationship goals for children)

It is sad to give up what you want most, for what you want at the moment. Bonnie McCullough


Consider your priorities. Write them down.

Consider your life. Does it reflect your priorities?

What goals do you want to put in place in connection with each of your priorities?

(As a stay at home mom most of my life, one of my goals was to meet my husband at the door when he came home each day, and greet him warmly and cheerfully (big hug and kiss)—no matter how my day had gone. If I had something challenging to discuss with him, I tried to save it until after he had time to decompress.)

Write down each goal and put it in a plastic sleeve in the front of your notebook. Review frequently—no   less than once a week during your planning time. No planning time on your calendar? If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.


Mary P

My Desk
My Desk

Tomorrow is Desk Day and the last day with the Kitchen as your Focus. The One Small Area Missions are in the Kitchen:

Wednesday—Food Storage Containers/Pots and Pans


Friday—The Black Hole under Your Kitchen Sink


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