Today is Thursday the 15th Day of January  2015—Floor Day and the 1st Day with Our  Bedroom, Closet and Bathroom as the Area of Focus

Thursday is Floor Day
Thursday is Floor Day

Each Thursday – Sweep or vacuum and then mop the hard floors in your home.

Today of Area of Focus moves to Our Bedroom, Closet, and Bathroom.  I shared the cleaning checklist yesterday.

Today I found a website dedicated to healthy recipes. It looks fascinating and so I am sharing it with you.

She has a plan to put together a month of recipes in freezer bags that is current. A lot of work for a couple of days and a busy crockpot for the rest of the month. Invite some friends and work together and it becomes a party.

The One Small Area for today and tomorrow continues in the kitchen:01b72d01ea70cce06770af3771b9c44308c124462b

Thursday—Cupboards—do your cabinets store the items used nearby—glasses, dishes, and flatware near the dishwasher. Food storage and preparation conveniently located near the place where you gather items for food prep and put away items after a meal.

Friday—The Black Hole under Your Kitchen Sink—my sweet husband painted the inside of my under the sink cabinet white and installed a battery operated light.

Tomorrow is Friday the 16th of January 2015—Wrap Up Your Week by:

  • Cleaning out your purse, diaper bag, computer bag, backpack, or whatever you carry when you leave your home.
  • Clean out your car
  • Vacuum your traffic areas throughout your home giving special attention to your Area of Focus—Your Bedroom, Closet, and Bathroom.

Love and Hugs,



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