Today is Friday the 16th Day of January 2015—Each Friday We Wrap Up the Week

Wrap Up the Week:

  • Clean Out Your Purse, Diaper Bag, Computer Bag, Backpack or Whatever You Take With You When You Go Out the Door

File the receipts you NEED to keep, Remove trash. Carry what you need but don’t overload (as I tend to do). One of my failings is putting things back where they belong when I am in a hurry. I regularly take time to put things back in place in my purse. DO NOT sit in an unlocked car going through your purse. Sometimes this world is not as safe as we would like it to be.

  • Clean Out Your Car—whenever you arrive home take any trash out of your car and take everything into your home that does not belong in the car. On Friday take extra care with this. Cars that are well cared for maintain their value. Somehow a little mess gives permission to make a bigger mess.
  • Vacuum the Traffic Areas in Your Home—Take extra care in your Area of Focus—Your Bedroom, Closet, andDSCN0055 Bathroom.

The One Small Area in the Major Declutter is under your kitchen sink.  Don’t keep cleaning supplies you will never use. Pass them on to someone who will even donating them if need be. If no one will every want something—throw it out. Do not keep rusty Brillo pads, and empty bottles.

Saturday is Family Fun Day—Work or Play together as a family, and make it fun. Humor can defuse many situations.

Sunday is for Worship, for Family and Friends and for Planning—Sunday is usually not a shopping, cleaning, or laundry day. We keep the dishes done and make the beds as well as picking up after ourselves but it is a day of rest. Coordinate your family calendars and make sure you know the needs for the week. Example, my grandson has an orchestra concert on Thursday—what clothes will he need? What time does he need to be there? Who is driving him? On Saturdays he has basketball—is his uniform clean? When does he take snacks? When are his practices? Who is driving?

My planner
My planner

Plan ahead and you will not be confronted with those last minute challenges.

Monday through Wednesday the Area of Focus continues to be the Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. Monday is also Martin Luther King Day and you may want to use part of the day to go through your children’s rooms with them if they are not in school conventional or home schooling.

Next week the One Small Areas will be in the Bedroom and Closet.

Love and Hugs,



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